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The Stories of Eva Luna

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Stories of Eva Luna

INTRODUCTION: Although not necessarily a sequel to Eva Luna characters in these stories taken up the blockbuster novel to offer a broader view of the author's literary universe. Belonging to a later generation called Latin American boom, Isabel Allende is based on the so-called magical realism mixed with clear references to the political and historical situation of the continent. Here dictators parade, farmers, and women-lovers with a vocation for the inevitable feminist breathing air along the reading-however, the author manages to develop characters beyond what is traditionally read in the story. Their stories are surprising for their elaborate decision-consistent and logical with a touch of magic and mystery.

Two words

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Fog Summary

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In the first chapter tells of Don Augusto Perez, a singular man, everyday, for a rainy day goes out for walks. From there, looks at a woman and follows her to his website, where he was the caretaker. It had been so fascinated with this woman, q asked all he could to the concierge about her life.

In the second chapter, Augustus returns to his home where he is greeted by his servant. Throughout the morning he stayed in his office fantasizing about women. After some sleep, he began to write a letter to Eugenia. When I finish, he went to the home of Eugenia. On the way the cross, but did not much, and headed home. When you get him back to ask the concierge and told him that I had another suitor.

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Journalistic Text

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Newspaper article: opinion: "editorial.-articulo-d fondo. news columna.estructura d: s consisting of: holder, lead and body entering or d the holder may be accompanied noticia.el d antetitulo and subtitle, and should get the conative function by concision and wit, when the news is long, there may be intermediate holders, the entry is a brief summary d the news, highlighting in bold or cursiva.El body is the development d the intro (7 W), inverted pyramid-shaped d-ordered according to importance q gives the journalist, journalistic semiotica dl TXT: siguients ls to be considered: a) page. The + important is the 1st, and is second in importance the last, then they always + importance of the pares.Asi q odd pages, a notice placed in 1st pag, will... Continue reading "Journalistic Text" »

Summary of book: An Old Man Who Read Love Stories by Luis Sepulveda

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In this chapter, the few inhabitants of the idyll and a handful of travelers coming from the neighborhood gathered at the dock, waiting to be served by the dentist Rubicundo Loachamín that soothed the pain of patients with a rare oral anesthesia.
Patients, clutching the sides of the chair, responded by opening her grief over her eyes and sweating profusely, some wanted to withdraw from their mouths impertinent hands of the dentist.
Meanwhile in the distance I could see the small crew of Sucre, who brought with bunches of green bananas and coffee beans. This would reach the Idyll, the dentist just finished its work, this then sail Nangaritza the river to where it empties into the Zamora and four days after
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Adiós, Cordera!

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The story is about twin boys: Pinin and Rosa, who along with Lamb and his father, Anton Chinta, live in the meadow Somonte and are discovering different ways around the progress represented by the train and the post telegraph. Children when they see the train pass for the first time are excited, however, Cordera get nervous. As time passes, children and Cordera, barely notice its presence. Moreover, the father of the boys, not to sell to the Lamb, because it was like a mother or grandmother to his children, his wife having died some time ago. A man offered him more than he requested but he refused to sell. In the end, when the landlord came to visit and to realize what was their economic status Cordera decided to sell a lower price.... Continue reading "Adiós, Cordera!" »

Carlitos gennav

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·265 US-GAL equals? (Specific gravity 0.80): 803 KG
·5 HR 20 MIN 20 SEC corresponds to a longitude difference of
: 80° 05
·730 FT/MIN equals:
·A chart has the scale 1: 1 000 000. From A to B on the chart measures 3.8 cm, the distance from A to B in NM is:
·A course of 120°(T) is drawn between 'X' (61°30'N) and 'Y' (58°30'N) on a Lambert Conformal conic chart with a scale of 1: 1 000 000 at 60°N. The chart distance between 'X' and 'Y' is:
·A definition of a Magnetic Track angle is:
·A direct Mercator graticule is based on a projection that is:
·A direct reading compass should be swung when:

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El Caballero de Olmedo (summary)

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Don Alonso, a noble knight of Olmedo, going to the fair of Medina along with his servant, named Taylor, he sees a beautiful lady dressed in a peasant, which is love. Then hire a matchmaker, named Fabia, which gives it a love letter will be given to Dona Ines, the lady of a peasant, in exchange for a necklace. Fabia Agnes goes home with the excuse that sells cosmetics and prompts you to read some papers among which is the love letter, then hands him the letter and convinces her to respond to the letter, but one of them, enters her fiance, Don Rodrigo, with his servant, Don Fernando, for the door and find Fabia women are upset but they are convinced that it is the honorable old lady who cleans the clothes. Later, Agnes responds to

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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator issued the command without ninguÌn IP
Router1 class. What action will occur in a package shipment is received by Router1
and is destined for host
The package will be dropped
2. Which three statements are true of timers fastening clamp?
(Choose three.)
prevent the update messages relayed a route that may have gone bad
still allows the routers forward packets to destination networks that are in the
Clamping bracket
permit lower metric updates received from any neighboring router to reinstate
possibly down the path to a network
3. What command network administrator apply to a router that is running OSPF
to advertise the entire range of addresses included

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1. Refer to the exhibit. The output of ip route show for three
routers in a network is displayed. All routers are operational, pings not
are blocked on this network, and is not installed no default route. Which two pings
fail? (Choose two.)
R1 to
R1 to
from R2 to
from R2 to
from R3 to
2. A router that uses the routing protocol RIP has an entry for
a network routing table. Then get an update with another entry to the
same destination network but with a lowest score of the jump. What action the router
take for this new update?
Added information to update routing table.
Invalidate the entry for that network in the routing table.
Replace the existing table

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The Family of Pascual Duarte

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Chapter 1 Pascual Duarte was born in a village in the province of Badajoz, about two miles from Almendralejo. 55 years-This town was very hot and sunny. Their houses were almost all white. There were houses richer and poorer ones. The Don Jesus was two floors and very nice, always full of flowers. Pascual was the narrow one-story, as befitted his position. He had a very nice light, heat in winter was overnight. On the walls were photographs, calendars ... and the kitchen was a China cabinet with crockery. He had a room and two bedrooms. Beside the house was a block, which had a donkey. Behind it was a pen, and behind it, a channel which would catch eels. When Pascal came to hunt (as I was) sitting on a large rock that was at a crossroads.

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