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Don Alonso, a noble knight of Olmedo, going to the fair of Medina along with his servant, named Taylor, he sees a beautiful lady dressed in a peasant, which is love. Then hire a matchmaker, named Fabia, which gives it a love letter will be given to Dona Ines, the lady of a peasant, in exchange for a necklace. Fabia Agnes goes home with the excuse that sells cosmetics and prompts you to read some papers among which is the love letter, then hands him the letter and convinces her to respond to the letter, but one of them, enters her fiance, Don Rodrigo, with his servant, Don Fernando, for the door and find Fabia women are upset but they are convinced that it is the honorable old lady who cleans the clothes. Later, Agnes responds to the letter of Alonso and Fabia takes her to it. To get where he, Alonso does not want to read it for fear of having bad news and tells Taylor to read it and that is good news if it is not delivered. After reading it to him, so it is good news. In it is said that Alonso should go home to pick up a bar Inés green flip-flops, it left at the gate of the garden at night to the next day Alonso put it in the hat and can be recognized. But when night comes and goes with Tello Alonso at the bar only to find that Rodrigo and Fernando went for a ride at home of Agnes and they had found in bar, then decide to leave. At one point, Inés Rodrigo sees the bar and thinks Fabia has set a trap to fall in love with her ​​fiance, because basically he was not in love. The Fabia a while appears and tells you what happened, and also tells who is really her lover, the Chevalier de Olmedo: gala de Medina, the flower of Olmedo.

Two days later Alonso Tello and go to Medina speaking, Alfonso Tello hints about the danger of this romance, as is the bawd Fabia through his magic, but Alonso replied that love has to support any danger. At one time they get home of Agnes and then Alonso and Inés begin to indulge. Don Pedro arrives soon, father of Agnes, as Alonso and Tello are obliged to hide. Don Pedro surprised to see his daughter wakes up late in the morning he asks what makes awake at that hour, Ines replied that he was praying. But he also realizes that he wants to be a nun for what he needs you to make a habit to cut as soon as possible and to find a singing teacher to also teach Latin. Don Pedro does not deny God's word and promises to strive to find a woman who will teach both Latin and singing. When leaving Don Pedro Tello Alonso and reappear, like Agnes is no longer committed, Alonso would have it easier, but now has to have that Agnes is a nun. Taylor would then decide that his Latin teacher, who would you take the love letters to Agnes, and that Fabia would be his teacher of virtues and morals. This was planned and performed it. Fabia and Tello got to be the masters of Agnes. All of them went well, what happens is that when a nun Agnes could not go to the Media Fair to attend the king. But if you went Alonso despite having a revelation of his soul in a dream in which he died.

With the show already started Alonso began to take part is this, which stands as a great rider picador.Don Rodrigo unable to bear all the cunning that the public was giving to Don Alonso, he is obliged to get into the fair. Don Alonso before leaving the limelight, tells Taylor to go where Agnes and says it is prepared to talk to him before he leaves for Olmedo for his parents do not think that has been killed by one of the bulls. But while Taylor goes where Inés, Don Rodrigo enters the task, and needs the help of Alonso for his life after falling from his horse in front of a bull. So don Rodrigo is furious life owing to the man who is jealous. Before leaving Olmedo, Don Alonso Agnes returns home to talk to her. After talking, go, Alonso is a shadow which is scary, but it gives more importance and think your imagination, so goes his way. But when he was near his home is threatened by a whistle from one of his songs, alerted by what happened to the shadows, ready to fight and decides to find out who the one who whistles the song. But there is more than a farmer, so is unaware. At a few moments is close to some gentlemen, which distinguishes almost immediately, are Don Fernando and Don Rodrigo. Alonso to see that it is unaware Rodrigo knowing he saved a life and do not think you do anything. But against all odds kills him and flees to Medina. At a time comes Tello Alonso found in soil and helps you get to his parents. While all this happens, Inés Alonso tells the truth about her father and agrees to marry. Tello Alonso having left at home, left for Medina, leaving parents and the latter's house in mourning. When it comes to Medina is with Don Fernando and Don Rodrigo Alonso after the death of his hands were going to ask Eleanor and Agnes, respectively. But Telo tells what happened to the king who was also in the house and makes the king then hang Rodrigo Fernando and ending the work of the Knight of Olmedo.


At a fair in Medina del Campo, Don Alonso sees Doña Inés and is completely smitten with her. To get your love decide to hire the services of a matchmaker, called Fabia.

Fabia Doña Inés tells that Don Alonso wants to see her in the garden, to which access Doña Inés.

It comes in the garden Don Rodrigo, a person of high social class, and the man with whom Doña Inés's father intended to marry her. This is angry, because he thinks he has cheated Fabia, and Don Rodrigo, who has hired his services.

A few days later Don Tello Alonso and his servant, are presented in Medina to visit Doña Inés.

Return to Don Alonso Olmedo, and Tello Dona Ines gets as a teacher of Latin.

Doña Inés is dressed as a nun to marry not Don Rodrigo. Don receives a letter from Alonso, which gives Tello, and a few days Don Alonso returns to Medina to see Doña Inés.

Back to Olmedo, Don Alonso falls into an ambush by Don Rodrigo and Fernando, who quit badly wounded, lay on the road bleeding. Tello comes and takes him home to his parents, and there before his death, Don Alonso tells what happened to Taylor.

Then Taylor went to Medina to inform Dona Ines de la unhappy news. It is found in Don Rodrigo, Fernando and King. Taylor recounts what happened and asking for justice to the king, which is granted.


Lope part of this budget, should kill the knight, for such is the mandate of the song that dramatizes. The point of departure or arrival (if desired) of creation is this, no doubt: the death knight from Olmedo. Why causes? Don Alonso Is responsible for a grave sin, or simply a victim of unfair and adverse fate?.

His amorous intentions are honest and lawful, then are directed to the purpose of marrying Agnes (in a chapel went ...). Knight did not mean the erotic relations prohibited, because either the woman is married, nor is it intended to keep hidden such relationships, or his conception of love has answered in any way the civil law, but falls within the rules of love and Neoplatonic Christian. If Alonso does not request the hand of Don Rodrigo Inés is because he gets forward and promise to marry the lady's father, Don Pedro, which is closed at the possibility of doing so. The only blemish of the moral order which may be attributed to Don Alonso have come to favor Fabia for his love, matchmaker who practiced sorcery in the best tradition Celestina.

The farmer who predicts the fatal outcome is cantarcillo ensures that the work of the bawd. Such religious and spiritual chaos is the gentleman in his mind when he returns (helped by the night air), not known whether the predictions of its imminent death are the work of heaven or hell, God or Lucifer (Fabia), because but does not want to believe in the power of the pimp .. hechiceril This moral confusion, along with the disorder directly affecting the consummation of the fatal outcome of the tragedy, for Alonso ultimately thinks that the predictions which announced his death are the work of Fabia (witch Celestina), and a Christian gentleman as he If you can make "dreams and omens, things contrary to faith." If I had thought that the dire premonitions were the work of God, would have returned to Medina, thus avoiding death. The doubt created by Fabia on their religious faith appears to be one of the key drivers that precipitated the tragedy.

The gentleman, a few seconds before leaving this world, mortally wounded, has a clear conscience have been justly punished by God, and recognizes its grave mistake, leading him to die poetically just. But only after the death of earthly life, because, simultaneously, the error causes the scene to draw out the best of the hero, that is, your honor, as perfect Christian gentleman, always follows the imperatives of their highest duty to its ultimate consequences.

Another mobile drive of the tragedy is the filial love of the suitor. Don Alonso is the designs of duty, in this case obedience to their parents. Placed on the chute of having to choose between this, due to the uneasiness of parents who knew of the danger involved spearing bull, and his personal desire to stand by his beloved Agnes, decides to obey the mandate subsidiary.

The tragedy is consumed precisely because Alonso is a gentleman beyond reproach, a hero who carried to its ultimate consequences archetypal and exemplary status. Death is the fulfillment of its obligations exemplary Christian, a man of honor and loyal son.

There is a final and most powerful engine of tragedy: the reflection that the gentleman made ​​about the possibility that Don Rodrigo harmed.

Don Alonso Manrique, always pure, honest, loyal, brave and virtuous, admired by women, envied by men, feted by the king, accompanied always by luck, remains unchanged at its high and noble height. Is the gentleman by definition. His opponent, Rodrigo, is quite the opposite: more cowardly, less bright, pure nothing quite vile, unhappy loser long at all. The different world views that have both men were also based on the peak of the death of Don Alonso, for this, he had put to flight and Don Rodrigo at the beginning of the work, which he had personally insulted, who had managed take the love of his lady, who had made ​​a fool lancing bulls, which had even saved his life, for further humiliation ... The perfect trouser and archetypal, deeply entrenched in its conception and aristocratic ideal world, it is anticipated that the other can murder. It was the last and most serious error of Alonso, to think that every knight is so high and exemplary concept of chivalry as he.

One could say that the gentleman also dies because of his lofty conception of the chivalric world, his noble idealism, of being away from everyday reality. After its impressive height of chivalry, its impressive quality of role model is both a cause of death and snap of his glory.


Act I

During the fair in Medina, Alonso sees Dona Ines and falls in love with her. Using the old Fabia, he does know. Doña Inés replied. Don Rodrigo, knight of Medina and suitor asks Doña Inés marriage to his father, Don Pedro, who agrees.

Act II

To hide the commitment, Agnes pretends he wants to be a nun and her father believe it. Tello and Fabia are introduced into the home of Dona Ines pretending they are professors of this and act as intermediaries in the love of Doña Inés and Don Alonso.

King Don Juan II is aimed at Medina, who plans to offer Alonso a parcel which has earned its fame.


During the celebrations held in Medina in honor of the King, stands out as don Alonso speared good bull rider and even saves the life of Don Rodrigo. Roderick is not thankful, and urges the death of her rival.

At night, after saying goodbye to Dona Ines Olmedo Alonso returns. Get alerts about his death. Don Rodrigo and his men come to him, and without giving him time to defend, shoot him, finds him dying Tello.

The next day, Taylor burst into the royal audience, and on behalf of the parents of Don Alonso, referred to the crime, accused murderers and Don Juan ordered to be beheaded.


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