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Fog Summary

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In the first chapter tells of Don Augusto Perez, a singular man, everyday, for a rainy day goes out for walks. From there, looks at a woman and follows her to his website, where he was the caretaker. It had been so fascinated with this woman, q asked all he could to the concierge about her life.

In the second chapter, Augustus returns to his home where he is greeted by his servant. Throughout the morning he stayed in his office fantasizing about women. After some sleep, he began to write a letter to Eugenia. When I finish, he went to the home of Eugenia. On the way the cross, but did not much, and headed home. When you get him back to ask the concierge and told him that I had another suitor.

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1.      What is the purpose of the HL-suppress buttom?

To switch off the HL temporarily


2.      What is the purpose of the drift control?

Used to ground stabilise true motion display

3.      What is the purpose of the brilliance control?

Adjust signal intensity on the display

4.      How to reduce beam width distortion?

Reduce gain

5.      Which course should be fed in to a stabilised radar picture?

True course

6.      What is the purpose of the VRM control?

To measure distance accurately

7.      Marine radar bearing accuracy is generally?

Not so good

8.      It is a requirement to have The HM-suppress button spring loaded?

Yes, it is an IMO requirement

9.      What is the minimum display diameter required

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Physical Exercises

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Six 19.4 moles of ideal gas are in a cylinder fitted at one end with a movable piston. The initial gas temperature is 27.0 ° C and the pressure is constant. As part of a proposed machine design, calculate the final temperature of the gas once it has made 1.75x10 ³ J of work.
n = 6 moles isobaric process
T? = 27 ° C
P = CTE.
W = 1.75 * 10 ³ J
PV = nRT
V? = Vf =

W = P (-)

Pf = P: = P

W = (nRTf - nRT?)

W + nRT? = NRTf

Tf =

Tf =
Tf = 335.24K

Work done in a cyclic process. a) In Figure 19.8a, consider the closed loop 1 3 2 4 1. This is a cyclical process in which the initial and final states are the same. Calculate the total work done by the system in this process and show that equals the area enclosed by the cycle. b) What... Continue reading "Physical Exercises" »


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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator issued the command without ninguÌn IP
Router1 class. What action will occur in a package shipment is received by Router1
and is destined for host
The package will be dropped
2. Which three statements are true of timers fastening clamp?
(Choose three.)
prevent the update messages relayed a route that may have gone bad
still allows the routers forward packets to destination networks that are in the
Clamping bracket
permit lower metric updates received from any neighboring router to reinstate
possibly down the path to a network
3. What command network administrator apply to a router that is running OSPF
to advertise the entire range of addresses included

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1. Refer to the exhibit. The output of ip route show for three
routers in a network is displayed. All routers are operational, pings not
are blocked on this network, and is not installed no default route. Which two pings
fail? (Choose two.)
R1 to
R1 to
from R2 to
from R2 to
from R3 to
2. A router that uses the routing protocol RIP has an entry for
a network routing table. Then get an update with another entry to the
same destination network but with a lowest score of the jump. What action the router
take for this new update?
Added information to update routing table.
Invalidate the entry for that network in the routing table.
Replace the existing table

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Ingles redaccion

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Mobile phones should be banned at school
Everybody says that mobile phones should be banned at school because they usually interrupt the class. However, I think that mobile phones are necessary because it is possible you need them when there is an emergency.
On the one hand there are some arguments to ban mobile phones at school. They annoy a lot if they ring in class. Students sometimes pay more attention to the mobiles than to the teacher. This is really the reason that teachers give, but students nowadays don’t admit any reason because they want their mobile phones to listen to music at the end of the class.
On the other hand if teenagers can’t use the mobile phone they will be very unhappy, bored and it may be necessary for an emergency.
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Advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology

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GMO - Genetically modified organisms

Benefits and Risks
Key benefits of biotechnology are:
Superior performance. By GMO crop yield increases, giving more food for fewer resources, reducing crop losses as well as environmental factors

• Reduced pesticide Whenever a GMO is modified to resist a particular pest is helping to reduce pesticide use associated with it that often cause widespread environmental damage and health. [

• Improved nutrition can be reached by introducing vitamins and protein on food and reduce the allergens and natural toxins. You can also try to grow in extreme conditions as auxiliaries to the countries that have less food available.

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Genetic diseases

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  • Sickle Cell Anemia / Sickle Cell / Falcemia: autosomal recessive (Mendelian), occurs through the change of glutamic acid for valine in hemoglobin. It produces a red blood cell deformed, poor oxygenation in the blood and organs. Common symptoms include paleness, jaundice, fatigue, tachycardia, and stunting in children.
  • Huntington's chorea: codon CAG repeat on chromosome 4 (Anticipation - No Mendelian). It can be passed on to children. Common symptoms: rapid, jerky movements (dance), facial grimacing, antisocial behavior, progressive dementia, unsteady gait and mood.
  • Fragile X Syndrome / Martin & Bell, repetition of CGG codon in the X chromosome gives frail to be viewed by microscope (Anticipation - No Mendelian), most common inherited form
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B6005 Financial Management

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B6005 Financial Management

Answer Key In-class Exercise 3 Bond Valuation

Discounted cash flows                                                                                         Answer: F

.         The market value of any real or financial asset, including stocks, bonds, or art work, may be found by determining future cash flows and then discounting them back to the present.

Call provision                                                                                                                  Answer: F 

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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to setup Switch1 for remote access from HostA. Theshow ip interface brief is issued on Router1 and the show interfaces trunk command is issued on theSwitch1 to verify the current status. The administrator applies the additional configuration shown in theexhibit to Switch1. However, the telnet from HostA fails. What additional commands need to be appliedto the switch?
Switch(config)# interface vlan 10
Switch(config-if)# ip address
Switch(config-if)# no shutdown
Switch(config-if)# ip default-gateway

2. Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration shown, how will an Ethernet frame on port GigabitEthernet0/1 be modified?
802.1Q encapsulation inserts

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