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1.      What is the purpose of the HL-suppress buttom?

To switch off the HL temporarily


2.      What is the purpose of the drift control?

Used to ground stabilise true motion display

3.      What is the purpose of the brilliance control?

Adjust signal intensity on the display

4.      How to reduce beam width distortion?

Reduce gain

5.      Which course should be fed in to a stabilised radar picture?

True course

6.      What is the purpose of the VRM control?

To measure distance accurately

7.      Marine radar bearing accuracy is generally?

Not so good

8.      It is a requirement to have The HM-suppress button spring loaded?

Yes, it is an IMO requirement

9.      What is the minimum display diameter required on ships bigger than 1600 tons but less than 10000 tons?


10.  What is the required accuracy of the heading marker?

+ - 1 deg

11.  What is the minimum number of range scales required?


12.  What is the minimum radar display diameter for ships of 10000 tons and upwards?

16 inch

13.  The radar must be able to operate in relative wind speeds up to?

100 Knots

14.  IMO resolution 477 applies to all ships build after?


15.  What is the maximum radar warm up time?

4 min

16.  What is the main advantage of true plotting?

Easy to understand

17.  When plotting north up, you plot?


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