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Passionate Nursing Student Seeking Neuro Floor Position

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Tell me about you:

My name is Rachelle. I'm currently at University of Memphis Lambuth studying in my second semester of nursing. I am Social Chair for the Student Nurses' Association. I've always been fascinated in the human brain and why it works the way it does, and what happens when it isn't working. Following taking care of my diabetic grandfather, I always knew I wanted to be a nurse, and I have overcome many obstacles to get here. When I earn my degree, I want to be working on this floor. If I should summarize myself, I would say I am a leader, responsible, compassionate and very detail-oriented, though sometimes I can be too hard on myself to strive for perfection. I switched from the law field to healthcare because I want a career with... Continue reading "Passionate Nursing Student Seeking Neuro Floor Position" »

The Power of Love: Transforming Lives and Creating Smiles

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I'm a better person because of you.

You cast a spell on me that can't be broken.

You drive me wild.

You fill my heart.

You wake my world.

You rock my world.

The thought of you brings a smile to my face.

You're the one I've always wished for.

Mirror - Espejo

-mp3 - mp3

-tv - television

-computer - ordenador

-sink - lavabo

Hello, my name is Jose...

I would invoke a car that its body was rubber or some material of that style, since if you strike a blow, it would not break or bollaría the car. I would sell this car as a crash car because it will never bump because the material in which it is made would absorb the blows. It would also be safer for the driver and his wallet. The bad thing about this car would be very ugly outwardly.

Word-Building: Noun, Verb, and Adjective Prefixes

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Trans - across

Re - again

Super - big / more than normal

Extra - outside

Hyper - very big / much more than normal

Anti - against

Pro - in favour of


  • Overeat: eat too much
  • Unpaid: not paid enough
  • Ex-girlfriend: former girlfriend
  • Under-charge: por debajo
  • Pro-European: europeo a tope
  • Intercontinental o transcontinental:
  • Anti-war: anti guerra
  • Superstar: superestrella
  • Retaking: volver a hacer
  • Supermarket

We sometimes use a hyphen (-) after a prefix, especially when:

  • The prefix ends with the same letter that the word begins with.
  • The word is a name, which begins with a capital letter.
  • After the prefix ex-.

What happened to a king with his minister lucanor english

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1. You _must be wondering why___ I haven’t phoned you.
2. The _heavy rain prevented us from having___ the picnic we had planned.
3. Recently, __there has been a rise in___ the number of people who study a degree.
4. It was a matter of minutes_____ before the police came.
5. Can anyone _come up with a solution___ to this problem?
6. Are you accusing _me of not telling the truth___ about what happened?
7. I __haven’t got round to phoning ____ you, but I’ll do it soon.
8. Economists say that there is __no doubt that the situation will get__ better.
9. It _was my mother who/that got me interested___ in reading.
10. What is that’s __ causing you such a lot of____ confusion?
11. She made a very quick decision __without giving enough thought ___ to
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The Risks of Plastic Surgery for Teenagers

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Plastic surgery has significantly increased among teenagers. Nowadays, countless people are opting for this kind of surgery to fulfill their dream of improving their physical appearance.

Personally, I believe that you cannot expect plastic surgery to solve all problems. Plastic surgery will not make you a different person. Moreover, surgery can be addictive. The compulsion to change one's body is often a symptom of deeper mental instability because beauty standards change over time.

Underaged people tend to follow trends and ask surgeons to make them look like the latest famous star whenever there is a change. Teenagers usually make the decision to undergo plastic surgery without considering the risks. Most of them are too immature to think about... Continue reading "The Risks of Plastic Surgery for Teenagers" »


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To Whom It May Concern,RE: complain about 
The reason for this letter is to express my dissatisfaction. I am sorry to say that I was extremely disappointed with .. I felt that the product / service, I received was well below the standard I expected. I had this sort of problem ... I would like your to investigate this matter, and let me know your decision. I hope that you will deal with this matter promptly as it is causing me. Waiting for your answer Yours faithfully
Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect to ... At {Comp Name}, we take pride in ensuring our customer's satisfaction. As a testament to our strive for perfection, we have taken steps to ensure that this will never happen again.
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Unveiling the Truth: Migrant Journeys and Border Realities

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Part One. This Hard Land

In the first part of the book, De León discusses the steps that were taken to result in the system, 'Prevention Through Deterrence,' that is in place today to prevent migrants from coming into America. He also expands upon the ideas of the hybrid collectif and 'Prevention Through Deterrence' by arguing that the United States deliberately funnels migrants through the Sonoran Desert so that various human and nonhuman actants do the 'brutal work' for Border Patrol. He also uses the phrase bare life to describe those that have died and their death means nothing. This phrase is used to describe many migrants who lost their lives while attempting to cross. De León notes how there are very few posters set up in Mexico that... Continue reading "Unveiling the Truth: Migrant Journeys and Border Realities" »

The Great Gatsby: A Tale of Love, Wealth, and Mystery

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The book I have read is called The Great Gatsby and its author is Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is set in New York City, representing a very social environment. The most important characters are Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Jordan Baker, and Tom Buchanan. The most interesting thing about this book is how Gatsby pretended for a long time that he was a millionaire.

Nick Carraway moves to a bungalow in West Egg, a Long Island neighborhood, to study the bond business in New York. Nick is invited by Daisy, his cousin, to come to his house in East Egg, an aristocratic neighborhood on Long Island. Tom Buchanan, Daisy's husband, whom he has met at Yale. Gatsby tells her that Gatsby is in love with Daisy. He met her in Louisville in 1917 and... Continue reading "The Great Gatsby: A Tale of Love, Wealth, and Mystery" »

Procurement and Stuff: Understanding Terms and Grammar

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Procurement: Adquirir

Stuff: Cosas

Staff: Personal

Stuffed: Relleno de

Parcels: Paquetes

Warehouse: Depósito

Freight Forward: Flete especializado

Tare Weight: Peso de tara

Internal Length: Longitud interna

Internal Height: Altura interna

Payload: Carga útil

Width: Anchura

Gross Weight: Peso bruto

Foreign Currency: Moneda extranjera

Overseas Markets: Mercados internacionales

Subsidiaries: Filiales

Exchange rate: Tasa de cambio

Diferencias entre active and passive voice:

Active: We use this room for our guests

Passive: This room is used for our guests

Active: Nikon makes the best cameras

Passive: The best cameras are made by Nikon

Must, Mustn't and Needn't

A) If/we/you/they/he/she/it + must

B) Use must when you think it is necessary to do something. Ejemplo: The windows... Continue reading "Procurement and Stuff: Understanding Terms and Grammar" »

Human performance

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above-average temp / heat wave / bitterly cold / lightning / changeable / mild (tmp suaus) / pourinc (xàfec) / flooding /severe / frost (gelada) /hailstone (pedregada)/ thunderstorms (tempesta) / weird (estrany) unpredictable.

high-speed / cold-blooded / well-known /curly-hair (rizado) / performance- enchancing (augment rendiment) /four-lagged / selfcleaning/ hard working / star-shaped / ear-cracking / star-shaped / strange-looking / well trained/ 

endangered/ posisonous / deadly / prey / feathers / cute / bug / tough (dur) / survive /feed on / breed / disguses / swallow / harm / lay eggs / tails / leap (saltiró)

first of all, secondly, What's is more, Finally, to sum up, i personally believe, It's clear to me that,

due to (+ noun) debido a.... Continue reading "Human performance " »