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Ingles redaccion

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Mobile phones should be banned at school
Everybody says that mobile phones should be banned at school because they usually interrupt the class. However, I think that mobile phones are necessary because it is possible you need them when there is an emergency.
On the one hand there are some arguments to ban mobile phones at school. They annoy a lot if they ring in class. Students sometimes pay more attention to the mobiles than to the teacher. This is really the reason that teachers give, but students nowadays don’t admit any reason because they want their mobile phones to listen to music at the end of the class.
On the other hand if teenagers can’t use the mobile phone they will be very unhappy, bored and it may be necessary for an emergency.
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The stages of learning as Dienes

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4.1 The stages of learning as Dienes
The learning process is a process based on abstraction, generalization and communication. This process of abstraction is to accurately analyze and Dienes identifies six different stages in it:
Stage 1: introduces the individual in the middle => Game Free
2nd stage: review, manipulate, get rules => Structured Games
3rd stage: becoming aware of the common structure to games made
4th stage: representation of the common structure graphically or schematically => Stage representative
5th stage study of the properties of abstract structure, which implies the need to invent a language => Stage symbolic
6th stage: Construction of axioms and theorems => formal Stage
Her pedagogical approach

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Matrices: multiplication, rank, determinant, inverse and Rouche-Frobenius theorem

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System Types
The systems of equations can be
classified by the number of solutions that can arise. According to that case may have the following cases:
· Incompatible system if it has no solution.
· Compatible system if you have any solution in this case can also distinguish between:
or compatible system determined when it has a finite number of solutions.
or compatible system when it admits an infinite set of solutions.
Fitting and classification:
Calculating the rank of a matrix for determining
1. We can rule a line if:.
· All the coefficients are zeros.
· There are two equal lines.
A line is proportional to another.
A line is a linear combination of others.
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A definition must have the following requirements: 1. Be as concise as possible, that is, do not include properties that can be deduced from others already included in the definition 2. Do not contain contradictions 3. Do not contain only negative statement 4. Do not contain ambiguities Altura: Segment perpendicular to one side that joins a point on that side (or its prologation) with the opposite vertex, 3 alturas, ortocentro. Apotema: Segment that joins the midpoint of one side of the polygon with the center of this. Toulmin: fact ()- modal cualifier(always)-conclusion()-warrant()-backing(). Interior angle: The polygon of n sides can be decomposed into n-2 triangles. Therefore, the sum of the interior angles of the polygon would
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European Call Option Dynamic and Static Hedging Strategies

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Consider an European call option with strike equal to 10, T = 1, r = 0.05 and σ = 0.2. Using the following time-series:

1. For every time moment t = 0, 1/360, 2/360:

  • Calculate the Black-Scholes price.
  • Calculate the corresponding delta.
  • Calculate the price of the corresponding replicating portfolio and its composition, if we consider a dynamic hedging.

2. Calculate a static hedging. What is the final value of the portfolio? Compare with the dynamic hedging results.


  • At time 0, time to maturity is 1, and then
    • The Black-Scholes price is given by S0N(d1)−Ke−rT N(d2) = 10N(0.35)−10e−0.05N(0.15) = 1.0450
    • The Delta is given by N(d1) = N(0.35) = 0.6368
    • At time t = 0, the value of the replicating portfolio coincides with the Black-Scholes price
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Good morning, have you got

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many people buy brands and give up wearing something that is an imitation fot not being true, and think that they will not give a good image to the rest.

On the one hand, it is true that they are of better quality and last longer,although imitations are sometimes very good too. A brand is also known all over the world. When they are seen by people, people want more of that original product. Your friends will not judge you if you wear something brand and will see you as someone who has money, when it shouldn't be this way. However, imitations are cheaper an seem original,you save money and the image you give is the same, since sometimes it noticed that it isn't imiation.

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What is the time of the pet

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Expense: Will it cost a lot of money for the municipality? Is it worth it?

Inclusiveness: Is it just for young people?
Accessibility: Can people get to it easily? Public transport connections?
Versality: Can it be used for other activities or events?
Safety: Is the lighting good at night? What type of people go there?
Usability: Will people go there in summer and in winter?
Durability: Will it last? Are the materials good?
District, area, houses, flats, street, infrastructure, square, park, block, pedestrian, urban, growth, pavement, neighbourhood, industrial, space, bik-lines, services.

Accessibility and Connections: Can you see the space from a distance? Is its interior visible from the outside? Is there a good connection between
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Formal letter

We are writing in reference to your new products advised in March 23 edition of “Info Globe”. We are a software company based in Berlin which specializes in Games Development.

Our company is currently developing a new software to improve old games quality. We are interested in designing a new video game console which would works with old games with a better graphics quality.

 We would like to request a catalogue of your lasted collection that was advised in Info Globs. Please let us know if you would be interested in scheduling a meeting.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, M Walton

Understanding Systematic Sampling and Statistical Significance

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Systematic Sampling: Type of Probability Sampling Method

In systematic sampling, sample members from a larger population are selected according to a random starting point but with a fixed, periodic interval. The sampling interval, calculated by dividing the population size by the desired sample size, determines the selection.

Oversampling: Techniques to Adjust Class Distribution

Oversampling is a data analysis technique used to adjust the class distribution of a data set, ensuring a balanced representation of different classes/categories.

P Value: Probability of Obtaining Extreme Test Results

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Intelligence and Genetics: Key Concepts and Correlations

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Which of the following example fluid intelligence (A- Solving logic problems)

Identify the 3 intelligences proposed by Sternberg (E- Analytical, creative and practical)

Emotional intelligence does NOT refer to a person's ability to (D- achieve personal success in life)

Which of the following correlation coefficients indicated the lowest (D- +.22)

The Flynn effect refers to (D- worldwide phenomenon of rising intelligence scores during 20th century)

Which of the following is NOT evidence supporting genetic influence (B- adopted children most closely resemble their adopted parents intelligence levels)

The scores on an exam are normally distributed 84 to 88 (B- 2)

If these scores ranged from 52-96, which could be the standard deviation (A- 11)

Which of

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