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Idealism has three main implications for education:
+ an emphasis on theory before practice; + an emphasis on logical thinking; + a high value attached to liberal education.


Educational implications of the technical-rational model
+ Learning is a science and has general principles.
+ The teacher or designer determines what is learned and how, according to scientific principles.
+ The purposes or ends of education are not discussed; values are taken for granted. + The learner will respond to learning stimuli in a predictable way. + The technical-rational model works best in the training of skills and competencies, where behaviour can be observed.

Educational implications of child-centred education
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1. Classifique as variáveis em qualitativa e quantitativa. () Cor preferida. () Índice de liquidez. () Sexo. e) qualitativa, quantitativa, qualitativa .
2. Classifique as variáveis quantitativas em contínuas (c) ou discretas (d).
( ) População: atletas Variável: altura ( ) P.: pacientes de um hospital Variável: pacientes com insuficiência cardíaca. ( ) P.: bebês monitorados em uma UTI neonatal Variável: peso b) contínua, discreta, contínua.
3. Em uma escola de ensino médio, há 300 alunos divididos em 6…..b)36
4. São fases do método estatístico:
1. A apuração. 2. A coleta. 3. A crítica. 4. A definição do problema. 5. O planejamento.
Qual a ordem correta dessas fases? b. 4, 5, 2, 3, 1
5. Considere a série abaixo. Podemos

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A body is placed in a certain airstream

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1) i like to cycling camping despite i dont do them Usually, and i would like to try canoying , kayaking jetskiing and rock Climbing because are exteme sports that probably would make me feel really good And i could relaxing with them.

2) brain training can and must improve the intellectual capacity. Just As physical exercise is good for the body, this body training helps the mind to Work better and the benefits can last for participate in interactive games help Maintain cognitive functions. Activities  such as mind reading may 

delay or prevent memory loss. Who took brain  supervised training Sessions showed lasting improvements in memory , reasoning and processing speed . 3) i think there is no just one significant technological breakthrough... Continue reading "A body is placed in a certain airstream" »

Static stick force stability

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            2015  CBSE paper set 1

Q1- Fixtures are the schedule fixed for matches,What is 


Ans- A bye is a fix. Means that the team which gets a bye

is exempted from playing first round and enters 2nd 

round directly..

Q2- What are renewable resources?

Ans- Renewable resources are those natural resources 

which can be used repeatedly,since it is replaced 

naturally over time by some natural power.Eg-

sunlight,water air etc

Q3- Fats are derived from two sources, Name the

Ans- Animal sources - Ghee, Butter, Curd, Fish, Oil, Milk, Meat, Egg
    Vegetable sources- Soyabean, Olive , Mustard , Coconut , Groundnut

Q4- What is Lordosis? Explain..

Ans- Lordosis is a postural deformity of the spine. In this 

deformity , the spine curvature is increased
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Physical valences

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2.Warm-up:Warming up is part of the initial phase of any PE session. It prepares the body to make an effort, it improves perfomance and it helps to prevent possible injuries. 2.1Factors that must be considered: Age, The sport/activity, Personal level, The time of the day. 2.2Types of warm-ups: General warm-up, Specific warm-up, Preventive warm-up, Active warm-up. 2.3General characteristics: Between 10 and 20 minutes, The rhythm should be progressive, Adapted to the activity is going to follow, Done individually or in pairs, equipment can be used.2.4Phases of the warm-up: Slow run, Joint mobility exercises and dynamic stretching, General exercises, Specific excercises.3.Endurance: It is defined as the capacity that allows us maintain physical
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Human performance

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Endurance is part of what have been called as Basic Physical Capabilities and also stand at the basis of fitness and health.

- It can be defined as "the physical and mental capacity that the athlete has to support fatigue versus relatively long efforts and / or the ability to quickly recover after finishing the effort."

- Fatigue is defined as the decrease in performance capacity.

- Subjective symptoms of fatigue: dizziness, muscle pain, weakness, eye blinking etc


• Aerobic Endurance The ability of the body to make efforts medium or low intensity for a long period of time and with enough oxygen. The heart rate in this type of effort is between 140 and 160 ppm. It is going to have a better impact on our health.

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- "You say you want to die for love, but you know nothing of death, and know nothing of love

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My dream job is to be a doctor of the soccer team of Chile, because I love football and I would like to help the players of my country. (KUALIDADES) With respect to my personal qualities I have to be proactive, respectful with the players, positive, efficient, honest, responsible, intelligent when making decisions and team worker. (HAVILITIES) I have to be good at treating players, I must know how to listen to football players and other doctors, I must be able to work under pressure and be quick. (ADAPATAVYLIDAD) I have to be prepared to work at night, I must be prepared to work hard with the players and I have to be prepared to travel the world.

Hapkido: A Martial Art for Self-Defense and Personal Growth

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Hapkido is a martial art. In hapkido, you can learn to defend yourself against an aggressor. This martial art has a lot of similarity to other arts like taekwondo or jiu-jitsu. The trainings consist of physical conditioning exercises, practicing different types of kicks, and learning techniques of personal defense.

In hapkido, we also learn to control our emotions and fears through discipline. Each teacher has rules and laws in their dojo. Our rules are: falling is allowed but getting up is mandatory, it is forbidden to say 'I cannot' because with effort and dedication, you can achieve what you want.

Our combat discipline is very respectful in terms of greetings and farewells. We hapkidokas say goodbye with the word 'pilsung,' which means victory

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Physical valences

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The benefits of developing our physical abilities: Although the basic physical abilities of a person are determined genetically and are different for each person, it is always possible to increase the level through training and physical preparation.  The development of our abilities not only allows us to get better results from our physical activities, it also, and more importantly, improves the response of our body to illness. Also, in a well-trained, fit body you can detect possible health problems early on.

-Flexibility: allows for maximum movement of our joints thanks to the elasticity and the ability to stretch of our muscles. We would be able to deflect a deficiency or health problem if our joints were rigid or if we had difficulty or... Continue reading "Physical valences" »

Relaxing, Firming, Circulatory, Rejuvenating: Facial Treatments for Various Skin Concerns

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SYMPTOMS: Physical or emotional stress, bruxism, or people with migraines

OBJECTIVE: Sedative and relax muscle

MANEUVERS: Rhythmic and slow rhythm


SYMPTOMS: Skin age

OBJECTIVE: Improve skin tissue and muscle tone. Prevents flaccidity in the face and neck. Activate the blood circulation

MANEUVERS: Rhythm medium-fast. Intensity superficial and deep


ALTERATIONS: Erythrosis, telangiectasis, rosacea, coupe rose, caparrosa

OBJECTIVE: Relieve facial congestion to improve circulation

MANEUVERS: Intensity soft. Direction upward and to lymphatic nodes


OBJECTIVE: Prevent skin aging on the face. Improve nutrition and flexibility

SYMPTOMS: Age exposure to the sun, environmental factors


MANEUVERS: Rhythm fast-

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