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B6005 Financial Management

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B6005 Financial Management

Answer Key In-class Exercise 3 Bond Valuation

Discounted cash flows                                                                                         Answer: F

.         The market value of any real or financial asset, including stocks, bonds, or art work, may be found by determining future cash flows and then discounting them back to the present.

Call provision                                                                                                                  Answer: F 

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Indifference curve

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Prof. Thomas S. Alvarez



Table below shows 1.La points in four different curves for a consumer indifference.
(a) Draw the indifference curves I, II, III and IV in the same system of axes.
(b) What are the indifference curves?

IIIIIIIV QxQyQxQyQxQyQxQy21331251271236485, 598944,556,368,39753,56577106,36374,486115,772,78495,4125,3
a) Imageb) Indifference curves graphically display the tastes and preferences of consumers (in the analysis of utility, total utility curve introduced consumer tastes). The consumer is indifferent as to all the various combinations of X and Y on the same indifference curve but rather points higher

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Law 19983 on

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ACompanyis alegal entitymade up of anassociationof persons, be theynatural,legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or Industrial enterprise.A Accounting cycle is A set of step applied in the accounting of a companyGeneral ledger: contains All the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company's assets Liabilities, owner's equity, revenues and expenses.

Elements of A company:Merchant, Worker, Technology, Provider.

Principles And ethics code of an accountant:

Integrity: the accountant Must be up right in all his acts, it is not allowed to make any act that could Discredi this profession.Discretion: all the Information managed by accountans must be strict privacy this info, cannot be Spread to any body, it is must

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Aggregate demand and aggregate supply cheat sheet

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Y=Co +\- @(Y-To) + Io + Go and/or +Xn

Y=Co+\- 1/@ - @To+Io+Go and/or + Xn 

Y - 1/@ = Co - @To +Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y(1-@) = Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

Y=Co - @To + Io + Go and/or + Xn

                 1 - @

C= Co + 1/@*d --- taxes

  = Co + @ (y-Io) --- no taxes

yd= y- To

K = 1/1-mpc

k= 1/mps

DI= c+s



MPC = 1 / 1-@

MPS = 1 / @

Multiplier = 1 / 1-mpc or 1/mps

xn = x-m

Ca = C +/- mpc * tx

Sa = S +/- mps * tx

Aggregate Demand - Total value of real aggregate output that both sectors of the economy are willing to purchase at some AVG price.

AD = L(p)

Investment rates, future business expectations, Technology, Degree of excess capacity, Business Taxes

Aggreagate Supply- Total value of real Aggregate output that will be... Continue reading "Aggregate demand and aggregate supply cheat sheet" »

Income from the forest

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1. National Product (NP)=∑ Added Value (AV), where the AV = (Sales – Purchases) + (Final Stock – Initial Stock) = (Sales – Purchases) + Stock Variation (SV).
2. National Expenditure (NE)= Consumption (C) + Investment (I)
If we differ between magnitudes in gross terms and net terms, we must consider that: Gross Magnitude = Net Magnitude + Depreciation (D). Thats the reason why we consider Gross Investment (GI) = Net Investment (NI) + Depreciation (D)
3. National Income (Y) = Disposable Income ( Y^d ) + Saving from firms (Sf) = Consumption (C) + Saving from domestic economies (Sed) + Saving from firms (Sf)
With these previous relationships we can construct the main relationship that every close economy
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A flow of people and organizations that move toward the same horizon from different positions.

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GLOBALISATION= Growing integration of national economies into a global

market economy, in which almost all areas on earth are interconnected.


-Increased free trade between nations

-Increased liquidity of capital allowing     

investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations.

-Corporations have greater flexibility to operate across borders.

-Global mass media ties the world together.

-Increased flow of communications allos vital information to be shared between individuals and corporations around the world.

-Greater ease and speed of transportation of goods and people

-Reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect

-Spread of democratic ideals to developed nations

-Greater interdependence of nation states


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Income from the forest

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The Crisis of 2008 will probably be the most important macroeconomic event of our lives. So, it is very important for each of us to understand what happened, why things went wrong, and the lessons that need to be learned from the experience. This crisis is a story about lower mortgage credit standards, loans extended with little or no down payment, manipulation of short-term interest rates by the Federal Reserve System, and imprudent leveraging of mortgage-backed securities by Wall Street investment companies.

Initially, these actions increased the demand for housing and drove housing prices upward. But, it was only a matter of time until these conditions changed. High risk loans led to an increase in the default rate. The low interest rate... Continue reading "Income from the forest" »

Income from the forest

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VALUE ADDED TAX=A tax paid on the price of goods or services that the consumer has to pay.

INCOME TAX=A tax paid on the money that a person or business receives as income, such as salary.
COMPANY TAX= A tax on profits made by companies (the company has to pay a part of its profits)
SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTION= A tax paid on both employers and employees used to fund social security.
GNI= The total income for a country calculated by taking the value of goods and services and adding that to all another money received from abroad converted into international dollos.
GNI PER CAPITAT= GNI per capitat is Gross National income divided by the population of the country
LIFE EXPENTACY= Numbers of years a newborn infant could expect to live.
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Problemas en las plataformas online y casos de estudio

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Problemas en las plataformas online

Las plataformas pueden realizar cambios repentinos e inexplicables en los términos y condiciones para las empresas, redactados en un lenguaje claro e inteligible. No se informa claramente ni se da una razón para la terminación o suspensión de una cuenta, incluyendo el motivo por el cual una oferta puede ser eliminada. Deben proporcionar a los usuarios comerciales la razón de la suspensión de servicios. Las políticas sobre el acceso a los datos no están claras, deben formular y publicar políticas generales sobre cómo se puede acceder a los datos generados a través de sus servicios. Las reglas de clasificación no están claras, deben informar claramente a las empresas. Favorecimiento del propio servicio... Continue reading "Problemas en las plataformas online y casos de estudio" »


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Booking Engine (BE)→ A hotel booking engine is an application on hotel websites and social media pages to capture and process direct online reservations. An online booking engine works by plugging into your hotel website and processing secure online reservations made through the website. Mirai, Bookassist, Roiback

1. Which are the benefits of a Revenue Management Strategy?  The benefits of revenue management include a better ability to predict customer wants and needs, a more effective pricing strategy, an expansion of available markets and a stronger relationship between the company divisions.

2. Do you think that dynamic pricing is the best option? Why? 

I think Dynamic Pricing is the best option because it's about not having fixed prices.... Continue reading "oñbñiugiyg" »