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1. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to setup Switch1 for remote access from HostA. Theshow ip interface brief is issued on Router1 and the show interfaces trunk command is issued on theSwitch1 to verify the current status. The administrator applies the additional configuration shown in theexhibit to Switch1. However, the telnet from HostA fails. What additional commands need to be appliedto the switch?
Switch(config)# interface vlan 10
Switch(config-if)# ip address
Switch(config-if)# no shutdown
Switch(config-if)# ip default-gateway

2. Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the configuration shown, how will an Ethernet frame on port GigabitEthernet0/1 be modified?
802.1Q encapsulation inserts

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Domestic Electrical Installations

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The electricity used to meet our energy needs (housing, buildings and industries) But there are serious dangers such as fires and electrocucions if facilities do not meet the appropriate security.
Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations (REBT) technical conditions and guarantees must be met by electrical installations connected to a low voltage supply in order to:
-Preserve the safety of persons and property.
-Ensure the normal operation of these facilities and prevent disruptions that could cause other facilities and prevent disruptions that could cause other facilities and services.
-Contribute to the technical reliability and efficiency of economic facilities.
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Centos 5.5

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#useradd nombredeusuario :: para crear usuarios

#passwd :: nombredelusuario

#groupadd :: nombredelgrupo :: (forma normal)

#groupadd -g 600 nombredelgrupo :: (guid sobre 650)

#userdel nombredelusuario :: para deletear usuarios

#groupdelnombredelgrupo :: borrar el grupo

#usermod -G nombredelgrupo nombredeusuario :: para asignar usuario a grupo.

opcion 2: editar archivo /etc/group -> grupo:x:600:usuarioqueseagregara

#nano /etc/shadow :: para poder ver los usuarios y poder bloquearlos

#passwd -l nombredeusuario :: para bloquear usuario

#passwd -u nombredeusuario :: para desbloquear usuario

#sudo passwd :: para cambiar la contraseña de root

# tail /etc/passwd :: paraver informacion de usuarios

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I is correct ii is correct

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tecnology= is an applied science used 4 solve problems in real life. Create or design goods or services. 2 allows us the adaptation of the enviroment 4 our needs and to pleases our desires

algorithm=Is a set of instructions for resolve problems or performate an action

project aproach: Is Create something to solve a problem. 10 steps: 1. Problem (see and analyze the problem / 2. Research= find information fo problem / 3. Possible solution = we propose all posible solutions / 4. Choose 1 possible solution / 5. Design= we think , design to build the solution / 6. Planning = we do a sceetch of the building / 7. Build= we build the final solution / 8. Check = we check if its correct * if it isn´t correct, we go to find another solution / 9. Presentation... Continue reading "I is correct ii is correct" »

Atiesadotes beam

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Arcade: a series of arches placed side by side and supported by columns, piers or pillars

Architecture: the art of sheltering people both physically and spiritually from the raw elements of the unaltered world

Arch: a structural form taking a curved shape

Balloon construction: construction of wood using a skeletal framework

Buttress: a structure, typically brick or stone, built against a wall, vault, or arch for reinforcing support

Cantilever: a structural system in which an overhanging beam is supported only at one end

Capitals: the top part of a pillar or column

Compressive strength: the ability of material to withstand crushing

Dome: a circular, vaulted roof

Fluting: vertical grooves cut in the shaft of a column

Geodesic dome:  a domed or vaulted

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What is DATA: Data is raw facts and figures. These have very little meaning until they are sorted or they are used to make calculations. The process of sorting or calculating data is called data processing. The result of data processing is information

What is information: Is when Data is processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make it useful. 3 stages of doing tasks with data 1. Data is put into the information systems (INPUT) 2. The data is processed (PROCESS) 3. Information comes out of the information system (OUTPUT)

Big data 7v's : Value: Data usefulness in decision making. Volume: Data scale. Velocity: Data processing. Variability: Data flow inconsistency. Variety: Data heterogeneity, structure, semi-structured,

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Sikandria port

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Border Gateway Protocol : EGP protocol which runs between different AS no.

IBGP -- Forming neighborship between routes of same AS

EBGP -- Forming neighborship between routers of different AS

AD -- IBGP 200 EBGP 20

Runs on TCP port no 179 

Path attributes : Wellknown ; optional
Wellknown - Mandatory | Discretinary
Optional -   Transitive | Non-transitive

Wellknown Mandatory : As-path, origin, Nexthop
Welllknown Discretinary : local-preference , Atomic aggregate

Optional Transitive : Community , Aggregator
Optional Non transitive : MED , Cluster , Weight

Path Selection :  We love oranges as oranges meant for pure refreshment.
Local preference
Router ID 

Types of Moulds and Their Characteristics for Casting

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Moulds for Casting

Mould made of ceramic material e.g. sand particles, bound together with a BINDER which may be:

  • Clay: 90% sand, 8% clay, 2% water - green sand mould.
  • Thermosetting resin system - coat sand with two or more reactants which cure to form a resin (typically 1 - 2 parts binder to 100 parts sand):
    • Curing begins immediately components are combined, for a period of time after initial mixing the sand is workable and flowable to allow filling of mould - No bake systems.
    • Phenolic - urethane no bake is most common.
    • Curing occurs upon application of heat – heat cured binder system.
    • Liquid thermosetting binder and a catalyst are mixed with dry sand. Upon heating the catalyst releases acid which induces a rapid cure in 10 – 15 s. Pattern is
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Air law

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Tough:we can manufacture Windows, bottles or Lenses for impact resistant glasses.Littles Resistant to strain:we cannot build structures (bridges, buildings…) with plastic, not object (ladders, bicycles…) that must resisit great strains.Phoodegradable: continued exposure to Sunligth degrades them and makes them more brittle over time.


Compression:applies mainly to termostable plastics.Plastic Is placed in a Steel mold and it is heated to make it pasty.Pressure is applied With a hydraulic press so that the plastic takes the shape of the mold(lamp Holders).Vacunn forming: a plastic Sheet is placed on the mold of the object we want to manufacture.Using electric Resistances the sheet is heated untilit softens. The mold and the hot sheet

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Technology and its Impact on Society

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Technology: Creating Practical Solutions

Technology is creating practical solutions to satisfy human needs and problems.

Factors in the Technological Process

Physical and scientific concepts

Technical drawing

Materials and their properties

Work techniques

Economic factors

Information technology

Stages of the Technological Process

Needs and problems

Collecting information

Designing (drawing)

Planning (materials-tools-time-money-people in charge)


Evaluating and checking

Writing a report

Materials for technical use


WoodTreesElectrical insulator/Thermal insulator
PlasticRaw oilMechanical strength/Electrical insulator
Metal and alloyMinerals in rocksHard/Electrical insulator
TextilesVegetables, Animals and oilElastic/Resistant
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