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tecnology= is an applied science used 4 solve problems in real life. Create or design goods or services. 2 allows us the adaptation of the enviroment 4 our needs and to pleases our desires

algorithm=Is a set of instructions for resolve problems or performate an action

project aproach: Is Create something to solve a problem. 10 steps: 1. Problem (see and analyze the problem / 2. Research= find information fo problem / 3. Possible solution = we propose all posible solutions / 4. Choose 1 possible solution / 5. Design= we think , design to build the solution / 6. Planning = we do a sceetch of the building / 7. Build= we build the final solution / 8. Check = we check if its correct * if it isn´t correct, we go to find another solution / 9. Presentation = we present our final result to the public / 10, we get our final mark of the building.

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