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Verb Tenses in English | Simple, Continuous, Perfect

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Simple Present

Pres. Simp. -> She cleans her.. -> She has her brushes cleaned

Present Continuous

Pres. Cont. -> She is cleaning her... -> She is having...

Past Simple

Past Simp. -> She cleaned her... -> She had...

Past Continuous

Past Cont. -> She was cleaning... -> She was having...

Future Simple

Fut. Simp. -> She will clean her... -> She will have...

Future Continuous

Fut. cont. -> She will be cleaning... -> She will be having...

Present Perfect

Pres, per, simp. -> She has cleaned... -> She has had...

Present Perfect Continuous

Pres, per, cont. -> She has been cleaning... -> She has been having...

Past Perfect

Past per. -> She had cleaned... -> She had had...

Past Perfect Continuous

Past, per, cont. -
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Sin título 2

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Zero conditional: If + Present simple + present simple -- If it rains the grass gets wet -- Algo que es real y posible ahora o siempre

First conditional: If + present simple + futuro simple -- If you don't hurry you will miss the train -- Presente o futuro, situación real

Second conditional: If +`past simple + present continuous -- If you went to bed earlier you would (-ía) not be so tired -- Ahora o en cualquier momento, no es real

Third conditional: If + past perfect + perfect continuous -- If you had studied Hubiera, hubiese)  harder you would have (habría) passed the exam -- Referirse al pasado, situación contraria a la realidad

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