The Family of Pascual Duarte

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Chapter 1 Pascual Duarte was born in a village in the province of Badajoz, about two miles from Almendralejo. 55 years-This town was very hot and sunny. Their houses were almost all white. There were houses richer and poorer ones. The Don Jesus was two floors and very nice, always full of flowers. Pascual was the narrow one-story, as befitted his position. He had a very nice light, heat in winter was overnight. On the walls were photographs, calendars ... and the kitchen was a China cabinet with crockery. He had a room and two bedrooms. Beside the house was a block, which had a donkey. Behind it was a pen, and behind it, a channel which would catch eels. When Pascal came to hunt (as I was) sitting on a large rock that was at a crossroads. Chapter 2

Pascal's father was named Esteban Duarte Diniz, and it was Portuguese. He was tall and stout, and wore a mustache with the ends pulled down. He had been in prison for smuggling. Always stuck to his wife and son. His mother was tall and thin and always wore a bow. He had a mustache and some boils around the lips. Sometimes he got drunk. The father and mother always stuck. When this happened he was going to avoid Pascual also be given to him. A July or August's sister was born Pascual, Rosario. Chapter 3 A Rosario had a deep drawer wrapped in strips of cotton. After three or four days unwrapped and washed. It took very little vice of drinking, and at 14 he left home. She moved to Trujillo, home of Elvis. After five months back, and I had fevers. He spent a year in bed, and when it healed he moved to Almendralejo, home of the Madrid Nieves. There he became engaged to a handsome boy who lived to tell their wives. It was a bullfighter. One day he met Pascal, or discussed by Rosario. That night, when the "Stretch" (Rosario's boyfriend) went to Rosario, and when he asked her to give him the ESP, Rosario only had eight, crossed his face until he got fed up. Chapter 4 When Rosario was fifteen years, the mother had another child, they put Mario. In those days (where Mario was born) father died, had caught rabies. Mario knew not ever walk or talk. When he was 4 he ate pig ears, and an apothecary put a yellow powder. When I was bigger, one day an old bit, and he kicked him so hard that seemed dead. After his mother took him and brought him to sleep. Chapter 5 One day Mario appeared drowned in a vat of oil. Never knew how. The funeral was poor and boring, like years ago from his father. Behind the box very few people gathered, five or six.When the funeral was over, Pascual grabbed Lola (his future wife) and pressing it onto the floor so they do not escape, until it was exhausted and docile. Pascual wrote Chapter 6 for 15 days because he has been busy the interrogation. He thinks that if he were not in prison now would be in the yard of her home, or fishing eels in the canal ... or doing anything else, as men do not set free. Free men have many years ahead, and he did not. Chapter7 had been five months after the death of Mario. Pascual had been Lola's boyfriend. Every day he went home to see her, and when the day of San Carlos was, Lola told her she was pregnant. So they decided to marry.

Chapter 8 After a month, on December 12, Lola and Pascual got married. After he left the church were all invited to the house of Pascal to make a feast. Pascual later took his wife and put on his horse, he also rose and went on honeymoon to Merida. When the mare arrived and half collapse to an old and a real Pascual paid for it. After stayed at the Inn of the Blackbird. Did not leave his room in two days. The third came with the old Civil Guard to which the mare had broken pate, and had to pay six pesetas. After a while they went to Torremejía (His people). . In Zechariah inn pigeon thief accused Pascual, it got angry and gave him a few slashes. Then he went home with his friends.

Chapter 9 When Pascal came home he found Dona Engracia in the door and told him not happen because his wife had an abortion. When Pascual was left in the tavern Lola had gone to the house in the mare, and it knocked her down causing abortion. Then Pascual went to the block and stabbed him, at least twenty times the knife. Chapter 10 had to spend a year to leave his anonadación Pascual. Then Lola became pregnant. Nine months after the baby, and put Pascual. Lola and Pascual were very excited about it. At eleven months died of a bad air. Chapter 11 In the day of the funeral three women surrounded Pascual, his wife, his mother and sister. None of them knew how to make more bearable the pain he felt for the death of his son. Chapter 12 Pascual saw that Lola and her mother did not stop to make accusations and life with him was becoming impossible. Pascual also think of the night murder and how it was. Chapter 13 Pascual was a whole month without writing, lying in the cell to pass the time watching, doing nothing. In this month enjoyed the life as it had not enjoyed before.He called the priest for confession and was talking to him all afternoon. After the priest was and Pascal wanted to continue writing. Chapter 14 Pascual went home at night. When he arrived at Don Benito boarded the train that carried him to Madrid. There he became friends with some workers paying a latte. Then I asked if they knew of any place to stay, and one of them stayed at home for ten actual daily. After a fortnight he went to La Coruña, where he worked on many things. They wanted to embark for America, but had not enough money to pay for the trip, so he turned to Torremejía. Chapter 15 They had seven days after the arrival of Easter at home, when Lola told her she was pregnant by another man . Pascual Lola asked who was the son, and she said it was the "Stretch." After telling that dropped dead in his arms. Chapter 16 Pascual went looking to "Stretch", but this news was that Pascual was looking for him and escaped. In four months did not appear. One day Pascual went to town, and was told that the "Stretch" walked through the town. He went quickly to the house to see if the "Stretch" had gone over there to look for the Rosary that since the "Stretch" had left the people lived in the house of Pascual. Arrived, but the "Stretch" had not gone. After a while came the "Stretch" to be Rosario Pascual bristled at the cockiness of Mr. and killed him. Chapter 17 A Pascual put him three years. He had made ​​28, but he was released for good behavior. When he was released he went to the train to Torremejía. How do he got home it was night, knocked on the door and left her mother. Rosario was no longer living there, was in Almendralejo, and was the girlfriend of Master Sebastian. Chapter 18 A few days went to Rosario Pascual. He said Hope (niece of Mrs. Engracia) was in love with him. Pascual went to see her and got engaged. Chapter 19 Pascual married hope, but soon realized that her mother made ​​her life miserable. She thought of going to live in La Coruña and Madrid, but ultimately killed her and left.

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