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Newspaper article: opinion: "editorial.-articulo-d fondo. news columna.estructura d: s consisting of: holder, lead and body entering or d the holder may be accompanied noticia.el d antetitulo and subtitle, and should get the conative function by concision and wit, when the news is long, there may be intermediate holders, the entry is a brief summary d the news, highlighting in bold or cursiva.El body is the development d the intro (7 W), inverted pyramid-shaped d-ordered according to importance q gives the journalist, journalistic semiotica dl TXT: siguients ls to be considered: a) page. The + important is the 1st, and is second in importance the last, then they always + importance of the pares.Asi q odd pages, a notice placed in 1st pag, will have the greatest importance, if it appears in the 3rd, the paper gives importance qa + Q at the 2nd, 4th, etc.. b) the place where the page. will have + importance placed above the 1st news page d q q other is down. c) columns. while + having the news, reports, etc ... higher the q value the awarded the newspaper.

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