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To sort the diversity of life using a rating system. Kingdom, phylum. sub class, super, order, sub groups, sub, genus, species, sub. Hierarchical binomial nomenclature, the greater the taxa categories. To reconstruct the phylogeny of a group uses a character that varies among members (ancestral character.) Is also used to compare outgroup (outgroup ) This is phylogenetically close, but not part of the study group. For any phylogenetic reconstruction we need to consider the characters that we use in our analysis and determine which is the primitive condition that presents the common ancestor of several. In this sense, we use the apomorphies that
refer to a derived or specialized character. In contrast, plesiomorphic, is a primitive character.

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A definition must have the following requirements: 1. Be as concise as possible, that is, do not include properties that can be deduced from others already included in the definition 2. Do not contain contradictions 3. Do not contain only negative statement 4. Do not contain ambiguities Altura: Segment perpendicular to one side that joins a point on that side (or its prologation) with the opposite vertex, 3 alturas, ortocentro. Apotema: Segment that joins the midpoint of one side of the polygon with the center of this. Toulmin: fact ()- modal cualifier(always)-conclusion()-warrant()-backing(). Interior angle: The polygon of n sides can be decomposed into n-2 triangles. Therefore, the sum of the interior angles of the polygon would
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Glossary of Words: Creek, Soaring, Shack, Huddle, Garrulous, and More

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Glossary of Words

  • Creek (n): A stream smaller than a river
  • Soaring (n): The sport of flying a sailplane
  • Shack (n): A rough cabin; shanty
  • Huddle (v): To gather or crowd together in a close mass
  • Garrulous (adj): Excessively talkative in a rambling, roundabout manner, especially about trivial matters
  • Brag (v): To use boastful language; boast
  • Unruly (adj): Not submissive or conforming to rule; ungovernable; turbulent; intractable; refractory; lawless
  • Sturdy (adj): Strongly built; stalwart; robust
  • Aloofness (n): The quality or state of being aloof, distant, or reserved; indifference
  • Clench (v): To close the hands, teeth, etc. tightly
  • Plea (n): An appeal or entreaty
  • Foyer (n): The lobby of a theater, hotel, or apartment house
  • Spool (n): Any cylindrical piece
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What is the time of the pet

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Expense: Will it cost a lot of money for the municipality? Is it worth it?

Inclusiveness: Is it just for young people?
Accessibility: Can people get to it easily? Public transport connections?
Versality: Can it be used for other activities or events?
Safety: Is the lighting good at night? What type of people go there?
Usability: Will people go there in summer and in winter?
Durability: Will it last? Are the materials good?
District, area, houses, flats, street, infrastructure, square, park, block, pedestrian, urban, growth, pavement, neighbourhood, industrial, space, bik-lines, services.

Accessibility and Connections: Can you see the space from a distance? Is its interior visible from the outside? Is there a good connection between
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Benefits of Having Siblings and Challenges of Being an Only Child

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Benefits of Having Siblings

  • Siblings promote physical activity, reducing the likelihood of obesity.
  • Parents save money by handing down and sharing items between children.
  • Being an only child can enhance imagination and sociability.

Challenges of Being an Only Child

  • Only children may feel lonely without close school friends or during family crises.
  • Caring for elderly parents can be more stressful for only children.


    • I have been helping.
    • I was trying.
    • I took.
    • They had already disappeared.
    • It is going to sell.
    • I will be attending.
    • I will have finished.
    • They are holding.
    • I will call.
    • How long has it been since you swapped with a Canadian family?
    • When did your daughter learn to surf?
    • What have you been doing some research about?
    • Does your flight leave at 22:
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Global Issues: Smoking, Environment, and Migration

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Smoking: A Controversial Habit

Arguments For and Against Smoking

Smokers often cite pleasure, stress relief, and social acceptance as reasons for their habit. They may also have grown up in environments where smoking was normalized.

Non-smokers, however, highlight the severe health risks associated with smoking, including lung cancer, bronchitis, and asthma. They also point out the financial burden and negative aesthetic effects of smoking.

Addressing the Issue

It's crucial for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and educators to collaborate on solutions to combat smoking addiction and support those seeking to quit.

Environmental Concerns: Protecting Our Planet

The Impact of Pollution

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English Language and Culture: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

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Legal References


O.L. 8/ 2013 (BOE)



Linguistics / Grammar

Recommended Texts

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  • HUDDLESTON, R.: Introduction to the Grammar of English. Cambridge University
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Personal Stories of Accidents and Assaults: Lessons Learned

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It was an ordinary summer morning, all the members of my family were still sleeping but my brother was finishing a Biology project in the attic. Anyway, something happened to me that day that I'll never be able to forget. I was rushing downstairs as I was late to my football match and my girlfriend had just arrived to pick me up. WHEN SUDDENLY I slipped, lost my balance, fell backwards, bumped my head against the ground, and lost consciousness for 10 minutes. AS SOON AS I REGAINED CONSCIOUSNESS I realized that I was shocked and dizzy, unable to breathe properly as I had lost the feeling in my left knee. Besides, my left arm was swollen and dislocated. Luckily, I was able to take my cell phone out of my pocket, dial 112, and... Continue reading "Personal Stories of Accidents and Assaults: Lessons Learned" »

Aircraft systems

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All organism cells need nutrients to grow and function. Heterotrophic organisms, can`t produce their own nutrients. They obtain them from food. Multicelullar organisms have a lot of organs. Those organs are grouped in different systems that do diverse functions. 5 important systems work together to help our organism being correct: Digestive system, Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Excretory system, Lymphatic system.


* Digestive proccess: Like all animals, human beings obtain sugars, fats and proteins from food. This is done thanks to the digestive system. 3 phases are done here: Digestion, Absortion and Expulsion of waste.

The food

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Understanding Our Ecosystem

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Conditions for Life

Several key factors make life on Earth possible:

  • Water
  • A magnetic field
  • A protective atmosphere
  • Carbon compounds
  • An energy source

Biotic and Abiotic Factors

Biotope: The non-living part of an environment, including all abiotic factors.

Biocenosis: All living things from every species within a defined area that provides the necessities for survival.

Ecosystem: A natural environment where living things interact with each other and their surroundings.

Trophic Levels

Ecosystems often have distinct trophic levels:

  • Tertiary consumers
  • Secondary consumers
  • Primary consumers
  • Producers


Predation is an interspecific relationship where one living thing kills another for food.

Soil Composition

Topsoil: Composed of partially decomposed organic matter... Continue reading "Understanding Our Ecosystem" »