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(M02)Lunar embasy 1a)F. But...a rocket b)So far...apiece 3a)views b)roaring c)prohibited d)grateful 4a)have bought/but b)signed/with Smile you are camera(M03) 1a)T.And as...growing b)F.If the program...department 3a)implement b)radio c)high d)argue 4a)were/that b)had/what A relative difference (M04) 1a) F."This similarity...chimpanzees"b)F."development and...that now" 3a)link b)skull c)leap forward d)seemingly 4a)If you don´t ask him a question,he won´t speak to you. I´m working from home(M05)1a)F"For the Spanish...reason b)T"Overall, do" 3a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4a)have worked/per b)to get/to. Should the State tell...drink?(M06) 1a)F"We eat on...else"b)F"A sociologist...dining table" 3a)enquiry b)almost c)entire... Continue reading "Asasd" »

Subjective Rights

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1 .- Concept D ° Subjective:

- Law in the objective sense is a set of legal rules governing the conduct of men

- Law in the subjective sense is contained in the substantive law (as when speaking of one or the other is because they look different aspects), is the faculty that has a subject to perform specific behavior, or refrain from it or require other The subject line of duty, serves to make, do and demand.

- These two concepts are related, since the definition of D ° objective is obtained for the individual right that could be formulated as follows: Power to act to satisfy their own interests guaranteed by law.

- There are some rights that are exercised without the consent, as the inherent rights (HR)

- We must make it clear that the... Continue reading "Subjective Rights" »

The mystery of the haunted crypt

Classified in Language

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1. - Summary of the book.

While a group of young inmates in an asylum was playing a football game, Dr. Sugrañes party amid calls one of them, exactly the protagonist of this story. The doctor tells Sugrañes accompany him to his office because it has an unexpected visitor. To his amazement, was the Commissioner Flores and a nun who was unaware of.

The reason that the commissioner flowers and the nun had come to see was: about 6 years ago a girl had disappeared without a trace one night, but the strange thing was that it appeared the next day with no memory of what happened. Well, a couple of days ago had been different in the same school girl who lived in the other and wanted him to take charge of the case.... Continue reading "The mystery of the haunted crypt" »

Shell script

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Ejercicio de descuentos:


read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta

until [ $idavuelta=="s" ] || [ $idavuelta=="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Desea el billete también de vuelta? (s/n): " idavuelta


read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven

until [ $carnetjoven="s" ] || [ $carnetjoven="n" ]; do

read -p "¿Tiene carnet joven? (s/n): " carnetjoven


descuento=0 billete=20

if [ $idavuelta="s" ]; then


billete=" expr $billete \* 2'


if [ $carnetjoven="s" ]j then



costefinal=`expr $billete \* \( 100 - $descuento \) / 100`

echo "El precio final del billete es $costefinal"

Ejercicio de medias:




read -p "Introduce un numero: " num

while [ $num -ne 0 ]; do

acu=`expr $acu + $num`

cont=... Continue reading "Shell script" »

Understanding Key Information Systems and Technologies

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Internet Technologies

The internet relies on several key technologies:

  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): Enables connections and data exchange between hosts.
  • Internet Protocol (IP): A unique 32-bit numeric address for each computer, represented by four numbers (0-255) separated by periods.
  • Domain Name System (DNS): Converts domain names (e.g., to IP addresses.
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP): The standard for transferring web pages.
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): Formats documents and links to other resources.
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL): References a web resource's location and retrieval method.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides access to shared computing resources over a network. Different service models exist:

  • Software
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Increasing More Supermarket's Appeal to Young Adults

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More Supermarket is a well-established chain with a strong reputation for quality and value. However, recent market research has shown that the brand has a particularly low rating among consumers aged between 18 and 25. This age group associates the brand with older generations and finds it to be outdated and unappealing.

In order to change young consumers' perception of More and increase sales among this age group, we propose the following concrete measures:

1. Partner with local universities and colleges

Young adults are busy and often on a tight budget. They appreciate convenience and value for money. One way to make More more appealing to this age group is to partner with local universities and colleges. This could involve offering... Continue reading "Increasing More Supermarket's Appeal to Young Adults" »

Aviation Regulations and Maintenance

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1. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

1.1 ICAO Documents

  • Chicago Convention
  • Second Freedom: Freedom to fly over any territory
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) established in 1944

1.2 ICAO's Role

  • Provides the basis for national rules and regulations

1.3 ICAO Annexes

  • Annex 6: Operation of Aircraft
  • Annex 8: Part 147
  • 18 technical annexes accepted in 1944

2. European Commission and EASA

2.1 European Commission

  • Independent institution of the European Union

2.2 EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)

  • Responsible for safety in the EU
  • Headquartered in Cologne, Germany

2.3 EASA Management

  • Consists of one representative from each EU member state and one from the European Commission

2.4 Role of Member States

  • Provide expertise and certification


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Concept of education

Classified in Social sciences

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Live has dramatically changed over the last 100 years. In this essay, I am going to discuss some aspects of which life is better now than it was before

To start with, despite that people could think that life in the previous century was more relaxed and people were not constantly rushing around like they do today, the development of technology has changed everything in life, from health treatment, and education to communication and the use of information

Furthermore, advanced technology in health treatment is utterly helpful and necessary in our lives and has contributed to the increase in life expectancy. ||| Moreover, education for women has changed a lot having nowadays more opportunities to develop their potential than they had before (limited

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Aircraft Systems and Avionics: Key Concepts and Technologies

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Normal shock wave leads - to total turbulence behind shock wave

How to calculate drag coefficient - ratio between drag pressure to dynamic pressure

Turbulence caused by wing vortices absorb - increased induced drag

Induced drag reduced - higher aspect ratio

Lift augmentation devices - increase lift at slow speed (takeoff landing)

Wing fences used to reduce - effects of span-wise flow

Directional stability - sweepback of wing and vertical tail

Control surfaces give longitudinal control - elevators

Acceleration - change of velocity divided by time during which change occurs

Resistance of skin friction of air passes - parasite drag

Lift produced by an airfoil is resultant - relative wind

Types of stability - dynamic and static

Generally center of pressure

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Relaxing, Firming, Circulatory, Rejuvenating: Facial Treatments for Various Skin Concerns

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SYMPTOMS: Physical or emotional stress, bruxism, or people with migraines

OBJECTIVE: Sedative and relax muscle

MANEUVERS: Rhythmic and slow rhythm


SYMPTOMS: Skin age

OBJECTIVE: Improve skin tissue and muscle tone. Prevents flaccidity in the face and neck. Activate the blood circulation

MANEUVERS: Rhythm medium-fast. Intensity superficial and deep


ALTERATIONS: Erythrosis, telangiectasis, rosacea, coupe rose, caparrosa

OBJECTIVE: Relieve facial congestion to improve circulation

MANEUVERS: Intensity soft. Direction upward and to lymphatic nodes


OBJECTIVE: Prevent skin aging on the face. Improve nutrition and flexibility

SYMPTOMS: Age exposure to the sun, environmental factors


MANEUVERS: Rhythm fast-

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