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the colosseum it take 80 years to construct.Started by the empereor vespasian.50000 people.76.Gladiators,actors,gravediggers not coliuseem.roman built roads,aches,bridges,aqueducts,long channels.

the third punc war rome attacks carthage and defeats them by burning the city down and taking 50000 slaves.This make rome having dominance over the western meditarian sea rome controll.Greece macedonia spain.
roman military:roman was were organized by military units know as legions.Roman legions were based on the greek falance,5000 soldiers and they were divided into groups f 60 and 120.Early roman expansion.It began during the 4 century bc the romans defeat the estruscans and the greeks 150 yeras almost conqueered italy.
The punic war firts rome won and controll sicily corsica and sadina 23.Second hannibal was a young general from carthage that wanted revenge and conqeere rome it took the stupid one defeats hannibal and takes over cathage.The roman republic,the roman emperor was the rules of the meditarrian sea at first rome was ruled by a king .It was not necsary that someone of the family should be a king.Early rome has a councilthe top ones of elders .The etruscans migrated roman terittory into peacefully became the dominated sociery in rome.The last king tarquin was murdered.Zeised power  without being selected by a council became a trynnical ruler then romans lo despidieron.Two councils were selected by a senate o rule rome one year.

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