Verb wiht the past tense and past participle

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Past continous: was/were You were studyingwhen she calledWereyoustudyingwhen she called?

Past simple: You calledDebbie.   DidyoucallDebbie?   You did not call Debbie.
Past perfecthad + past participle]   You had studiedEnglish before you moved to New York.      HadyoustudiedEnglish before you moved to New York?
Present simpple:  You speakEnglish. DoyouspeakEnglish?You do not speakEnglish.
Present continous: [am/is/are + present participle]  You are watchingTV.   AreyouwatchingTV?
Present perfect: [has/have + past participle]   You have seenthat movie many times.  Haveyouseenthat movie many times?
Future simple: will + verb]  You will helphim later.  Willyouhelphim later?
Be going to : am/is/are + going to + verb]   You are going to meet Jane tonight.    Areyougoing to meetJane tonight?
Future continous: will be + present participle]     You will be waitingfor her when her plane arrives tonight.  Willyoube waitingfor her when her plane arrives tonight?

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