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active----> The man gave him a drink

passive ---> he was given a drink / a drink was given to him

- Jhon gave a bar of chocolate to Jill--- > A bar of chocolate was Given to Jill / he was given a bar of chocolate

- I lent a pencil to Graham---> Graham was lent a pencil/ a pencil was Lent to Graham

- They offered the job to Simon---> Simon was offered the job/ the Job was offered to Simon

- Fiona told the truth to Julian---> Julian was told the truth/ the Truth was told to Julian


have/get + complement + Vpp

+ you Should have your eyes tested

- I Have not had the computer fixed

? Are You getting you hair cut?

ACTIVE                                        PASSIVE

have/get + person+ base form   have/get + something + Vpp

---> I had the mechanich repir my car ---> I had my car Repaired

get+ Someone + to do    make+ someone + do (force) let + someone + do (allow)     


LET = To allow someone to do something → will your prents let you go to The party?

Let + person + V(inf)

MAKE = to force someone to do something → my teacher made me apologize For what I had said

Make + person + V(inf)

HAVE = to give someone the responsibility to do something → I had the Mechanic chaked the brakes have + person + Vpp

GET = To convince someone to do somethins → I got the mechanic to chek The brakes

Get + person + to + V(inf)

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