Understanding Energy and Electricity: A Comprehensive Guide

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By: accident, chance, hand, heart, law, mistake, no means, request, virtue of, in a good mood, private, return, time, brief, danger, difficulty, doubt, a hurry, a mess. On: purpose, a regular basis, schedule, strike, time (a tiempo), average, balance, condition, fire. At: a price, one time, risk, the age of, all cost, a glance, least. Of: member, remind, at a rate, a cause, approval, experience, get rid, habit. With: link, regret, sympathize, arguments, contact, concern, dealing, difficulty. To: explain, reply, access, addiction, belong, change, damage. For: life, once, real, a while, a reason, demand, hire. From: time to time, now on, memory, experience. Out: of place, of stock, of sight. Conductance: the amount of power - Conductivity: The amount of power that a material - Crude: Unrefined petroleum - Resistance: A measure of power - Emissivity: Ratio of energy - Energy: A unit of heat of electricity. Hybrid: Combining multiple energy - To repel: To push away. Coal: It comes from remain - Petroleum/Oil: Liquid found beneath - Chemical energy: Exothermic reactions - Nuclear energy: Atoms nuclei are fused or split apart - Natural gas: It comes from remains of sea plants - Solar power: The use of the sun converted into energy - Wind power: Mechanical power. - Biomass power: Plant or animal material to produce electricity. - Geothermal power: To produce electricity - Tidal power: Waves and rise and fall of tides. - Electricity: Energy caused by the flow of particle - Static electricity: A buildup of electrical charge - Discharge: Into something. - Conductor: Electricity flows easily - Insulator: Electricity does not flow - Atom: Properties of the element. Proton: Positive electrical charge. Electron: Negative electrical charge. Neutron: Without electrical charge. Nucleus: Core of an atom. Friction: Two things together. Circuit: Can move through. Series circuit: One element to another. Parallel circuit: Separately to the cell. Volt: Measuring the negative charge force. Electric motor: Changes electrical energy into mechanical. Electromagnet: Around an iron bar.

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