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Last summer, 17 year-old hiking enthusiasts Jake Keller was with a group of ten hikers in Greece. They were walking on an island. On 17th July they set out early for a long walk up a mountain. They were looking forward to climbing the mountain and then staying the night in a village on the other side.
They had reached the base of the mountain when disaster struck. Some others hikers had started a fire for cooking, but the trees nearby caught fire. It was spreading fast because of the wind. The hikers saw the smoke. At first they weren't worried, but they soon realized they were in danger pronto se dieron cuenta de que estaban en peligro. After that they climbed up the mountain as quickly as possible to try to escape the fire. Then they waited at the top. They knew it was the safest place to stay.
Luckily, they had told the hotel owners exactly where they were going, so the authorities knew they were in danger. Eventually a search and rescue helicopter found them. By the time the helicopter picked them up, the fire had almost reached them. They were exhausted and scared. The paramedics gave them first aid for minor injuries, but quickly they were all fine. They were delighted to survive their terrifying experience.  

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