What is the time of the pet

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 (voc1)do me a favour/do your best/do your chores/do reserch/do somthing wrong/ make a mass/make excuses/make mistakes/make noise/make notes/make the rules////(voc2) fight with/gossip about/ ignore/play jokes ok/tease/threaten////(voc3) I bet you are!/Oh dear!That's awful!/What happened next?/ No, what's happened?/That's awsome!

(grmr)(BE ALLOWED TO/SE LES PERMITE)aff.They are allowed to...negg.they aren't allowed to...questn. Are you allowed to...(CAN-CAN'T/PUEDES-NO PUEDES)aff. You can use...negg.You can't...questn.can you...(COULD-COULDN'T/PUDIMOS-NO PUDIMOS)aff.Last time, we could...Negg.Last time, we couldn't use...Questn.could you use...(grmr2)

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