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Expense: Will it cost a lot of money for the municipality? Is it worth it?

Inclusiveness: Is it just for young people?
Accessibility: Can people get to it easily? Public transport connections?
Versality: Can it be used for other activities or events?
Safety: Is the lighting good at night? What type of people go there?
Usability: Will people go there in summer and in winter?
Durability: Will it last? Are the materials good?
District, area, houses, flats, street, infrastructure, square, park, block, pedestrian, urban, growth, pavement, neighbourhood, industrial, space, bik-lines, services.

Accessibility and Connections: Can you see the space from a distance? Is its interior visible from the outside? Is there a good connection between the space and the adjacent buildings, or is it surrounded by blank walls?
Versatility: How many different types of activities are taking place – people walking, eating, playing baseball, chess, relaxing, reading? Is it used by people of different ages?
Sociability: Is this a place where you would choose to meet your friends? Do people seem to know each other by face or by name?
Comfort and Image: Does the area feel safe? Are there enough places to sit? Are spaces clean and free of litter? Are people taking pictures? Are there many photo opportunities available?
Which → Things That → Things and people Who → People Where → Place When → Time Whose

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