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double room: habitacion cama matrimonio. Twin room: habitacion 2 camas. Single room: habitacion individual. Bath: bañera. Shower: ducha. Suitcase: maleta. Luggage: equipaje. Half board: media pension. Full board: pension completa. Key: llave. Keycard: tarjeta llave. Billa: factura. Receipt: recibo. Lift: ascensor(britanico) elevator: ascensor(ame) car park: aparcamiento. Restaurant: restaurante. Launge: salon recibidor. Coocktail bar: bar de copas. Fitness room: gimnasio. Hairdryer: secador de pelo. Air conditioning: aire acondicionado. Safe: caja fuerte. Conference facilities: sala de conferencias. Swiming pool: piscina. Night club: club de noche. Sauna: sauna bussiness centre: centro de negocios. Satellite tv: tv por satelite. Multi-line phone: telefono multilinea. Computer point/fax: se puede usar fax y ordenador. tea-making coffee-making: hacerte tea y cafe en la habitacion. 24-hour-service: servicio 24 horas de habitacion. Heating: calefaccion. COUNTRY AND NATIONALITIES

America-American  Australia-Australian  Austria-Austrian  Belgium-Belgian  Brazil-Brazilian  Canada-Canadian  China-Chinese  the Czech Republic-Czech  Denmark-Danish Finland-Finnish  France-French Germany-German the UK-British  Greece-Greek  Hungary-HUngarian  INdia-Indian  Ireland-Irish Italy-Italian  Japan-Japanese  Mexico-Mexican  the Netherlands-Dutch  Norway-Norwegian  Poland-Polish  Portugal.Portuguese  Romania-Romanian  Russia-Russian  Slovakia-Slovak/Slovakian  Sapin-Spanish  Sweden-Swedish  Switzerland-Swiss  Thailand-Thai  Turkey-Turkish EMAIL FASES AND LETTERS
Opening: Dear Sir/Madam-> Yours faithfully Dear Mr Murphy/Ms white-> yours sincerely  Dear Andrea-> best wishes  Hi Jon->see you soon  Starting: Following(our phone conversation today...) In reply to (your fax received) Thank you for (your fax of) Thanksyou for(your email)  Saying why you're writing: I am writing(to enquire about) I am pleased (to confirm) This letter is(to thank you) This fax is( to give you dentails of) tHIS email is(to get in touch)  Requesting: Could you please(reserve) Would you please(tell me) Please fax/email me(your mobile phone no.)  Ataching documents(email).: I atatach (two files)  Enclosing documents(letter): I enclose (a copy of)  Giving bad news: I am sorry (to inform you) Unfortunately (I will not be able to)  Apologizing: I apologize for ( the delay)  I'm sorry about(the mistake) Sorry (I didnt get back to you earlier) 

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