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   1§True Forms (rules for the whole)

·Kingship, aristocracy…

§False Forms (rule for themselves)


§Kingship Is the best. Philosophers.

§Tyranny Is the worst it can slave everybody

§Shoot For the timocracy is the balance between the ultimate best and the ultimate Worst.


oAristocracy= philosopher kings =kingship = Rational elemnet is ruling BEST

oTimocracy = the honor spirited element is Ruling

oOligarchy= necessary appetites

oDemocracy= unnecessary appetites

oTyranny= unlawfull \/ unnecessary appetitives

·Both Plato and Aristotle argue that philosophy can show us how to live the best Human life. They both agree that the excellence of the human being follows from The function of the human. This function is the one thing that makes the human Animal unique among all the other animals—rationality. In his Student’s Guide To Liberal Learning, Schall claims:

 “The human mind must choose to use itself properly to achieve its primary purpose, Which is to find the truth of things. When a human being is functioning Normally, when one is using what one is given by nature to be, that person uses The mind. And yet, the mind can talk itself out of using itself. Many great Thinkers suspect this choice is what has happened to us. We have talked Ourselves out of knowing what we can know, and in particular, what we are.”

·Schall Agrees with Plato and Aristotle here that the function (rationality) of the Human being determines human excellence, but he claims that we think we have Used our reason, paradoxically, to “talk ourselves out of” the ability to find Truth and know ourselves. Do you agree with Schall that the majority of your Peers live with rationalizations for why they shouldn’t have to develop their Intellect to find absolute truth and know themselves? Do Plato and Aristotle Provide arguments that are powerful enough to challenge the assumption that Truth and self-knowledge are hopeless goals for a human life?

Liberal Arts


Grammar         Triuium


                                                                                  Dialectic – the study of arguments.


Music               Quadriuium



They are Called Liberal Arts/Skills because they were meant to liberate the person who Learned them. 

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