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bioelements:are the units which living things are composed of/biomolecules are what living  things are made of.Cells are funtional and structural units of a living thing /structure el borde olasma membrane la cosita  por medio nucleic acid y el agua d alrededor cytoplasm-types prokaryote cell la rara la cosa del medio genetic material / eukaryote cells -planta chloroplast animal no  la cosita redonda con cositas redondas peq./plants interact with stimulis such as light//species is a group of individuals that share common characteristic and they can reproduce creating fertile offspring//plants non flowering-  Bryophytes liverworts not conducting vessels Pteridophytes Moses very simple conductin..Ferns developed..Flowering Spermatophytes gymnosperms con fruit developed conductinng..Angiosperms con fruit developed.. Organs root absorb water as well as mineral salts stem they transport sap around  flower leaves the process photosynthesis flowers produce gametes

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