What is the story "what happened to a dean of santiago" about?

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In my opinion, it is worth reading books. I am a person who read a lot and many times people told me that it was not worth reading and I always asked these people why,they always answered that it was a waste of time because it was so boring .Is reading seriously boring? Well I have to say that thanks to reading we can know what happened thousands of years ago. The problem that exists in society is that they give us everything done, so when you start doing something it always seems boring or a waste of time./I think reading can help you in many ways. Reading can make you forget your problems and think about the story that is reading. Reading can also teach us many things, such as cookbooks, school books... Reading has helped us to know the historical events that have taken place in our world. Reading helps to be more creative./In conclusion I think that reading can help us in many ways and above all it is not a waste of time because when you read your brain at the same time are working something that you do not do when you spend hours watching TV.

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