Steps to war - aggression by japan, italy and germany 1931-1939

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MARCH 1936 - Hitler broke another edict of teatry of treaty of versailles marche his soldiers to rhineland.

november 1936 - Germany signed with japan and italy the anticomintern pact against soviet union
april 1937 - Hitler went to spain with condor air force and italian soldiers he bombed guernika and durango
march 1938 he marched to austria in anschluss germany and austria belonged together
september 1938 Versailles set the borders with czechoslovakia Hitler invaded the sudetenland, Hitler was given the sudetenland by british and france appeasement in the munich agreement
march 1939 Hitler broke his promise and took the rest of czechoslovakia by force
 august 1939 germany and the soviet union signed a pact agreegin not to attack each other. Stalin was to given some parts of poland.
September 1th 1939 german forces invaded poland
semptember 3th 1939 britain and france declared war on germany

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