Static stick force stability

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            2015  CBSE paper set 1

Q1- Fixtures are the schedule fixed for matches,What is 


Ans- A bye is a fix. Means that the team which gets a bye

is exempted from playing first round and enters 2nd 

round directly..

Q2- What are renewable resources?

Ans- Renewable resources are those natural resources 

which can be used repeatedly,since it is replaced 

naturally over time by some natural power.Eg-

sunlight,water air etc

Q3- Fats are derived from two sources, Name the

Ans- Animal sources - Ghee, Butter, Curd, Fish, Oil, Milk, Meat, Egg
    Vegetable sources- Soyabean, Olive , Mustard , Coconut , Groundnut

Q4- What is Lordosis? Explain..

Ans- Lordosis is a postural deformity of the spine. In this 

deformity , the spine curvature is increased inward in 

lumbar region.

Q5- Define Motor Development.
Ans-  Development of child bones , muscles & ability to 

move around & manipulate his/her environment.(Gross 

motor development , fine motor development )

Q6- What is menopause ?

Ans- Menopause is a natural physiological change in 

women of age b/w 45-55 yrs where there is a permanent 

cessation of menstrual cycle / primary functions of 

ovaries due to hormonal changes.

Q7- What motor quality does a senior citizen lack, who

 finds difficulty in tying the shoe laces while sitting on chair ?

Ans- Lower body flexibility / Flexibility

Q8- What is hypertrophy of muscles ?

Ans- Increase in number of muscles fibres and size of  

muscle components resulting into enlargement of 

skeletal muscles.

Q9-What is Contusion ?

Ans- A soft tissue injury in which blood vessels in the

     muscles are broken & internal bleeding may occur

    on the injured part generally caused by direct hit with 

   blunt object.

Q10- Define Friction and name it's types.

Ans- The force that develops at the surface of contact of

 two bodies and opposes their relative motion is called 


(A) Static Friction.       (B) Dynamic Friction

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