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  • Learning Objectives:

Understand binding and typing and namespaces  

  • A binding is an association between an entity and an attribute, such as between a variable and its type or value, or between an operation and a symbol

Understand variable scope  Be able to identify both static and dynamic scope

  • Variablescope is the range of statements in which the variable is visible

  • A variable is visible in a statement if it can be referenced or assigned in that statement

  • Static scoping is when the scope of a variable is determined prior to program execution and is unchanged throughout (can be located prior to execution) 

  • Dynamic scoping is when the scope is determined at run time and can change during execution

Understand basic types and their implementation

  • The type  of a variable determines the range of values the variable can store and the set of operations that are defined for values of the type

  • Types tell the compiler and the CPU how to interpret the ones and zeros in memory

  • The type dictates how much memory to allocate and specifies how data should be interpreted

Know implementation of arrays

Be able to program and/or trace simple FORTRAN, Python, C

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