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TENSION FACTORSPATRIOTISM: people were deeply patriotic and wanted their country to be the best. ARMS RACE: germany, russia,britain were bulding up lost of warships. WAR PLANTS: in 1914, the situation in Europe was tense, secret alliances and the desire to grow empires had built up a dangerous "climate of war". KAISER: germany had become very strong and its rivals were suspicious of their ruler, Wilhelm II. COLONIAL EMPIRES: some european countries, such as france and britain, had created large worldwide empires and had become very richOther european countries, such as russia and germany, wanted to create their own vast epires.This caused conpetition and conflict between many of the countries throughout  the world. ALLIANCES: In the years before the war, the nations of europe were constantly making alliances.Germany made with austria-hungary and italy in 1881 to protect its other in the event they were attacked by france and italy make a secret alliance with france.Entente was formed by france russia and britain in1907.  THE OUTBREAK OF WAR (SPARK): in 1914 archduke franz ferdinand heir to throne of austria hungary was assassinated in sarajevo by a servian nationalist student. Austria-hungary declared war on serbia and sserbia was supported by the triple entente.

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