Third spanish republic

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SPAIN: the bourgoun restation The reign of AlfonsoXII (1875-1885) and the regendy of María Cristina (1885-1902) The reign of ALfonso was a period of political stability for spain. The economy grew because of the new political system set up by Cánovas del Castillo. Constitution of 1876 recognised a constitutional monarchy. Bipartisanship was established a system of two official political parties. Caciquismo in rural areas allowed elections and guaranteed the victory of the party chosen by the government. Supporters were the army, the catolic church and middle class business owners. After the death of Alfonso signed the Pact of El Pardo an agreement to support the regency of Maria Cristina of Austria.
The reign of Alfonso XIII (1902-1931) the end of the constitutional monarchy. The constitution of 1876 as still in effect. Other parties were increasing the PSOE the republican parties and the regionalist parties. During his reign the workers movement continued to fight for better working conditions. Spanish government decided to regain international prestige trying to obtain new territories. Spain established a protectorate  in Moroco(1912) opposed by the local population war(1909-1927) The war had negative consecuences Tragic week (1909) and the annual disaster(1921). The accumulation of provlems created a climate of political instability. The goverment were overthrow by a military coup led by Primo de Rivera that established a dictationship.

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