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This text is a conclusion or decision taken by the congress, and it is About the characteristics of being part of a Supranational institution. This Text was written the 8th of June 1962 in Munich and its authors were 118 Spaniards.

At that time, there continued being what we call the Francoism. Spain Was under Franco’s dictatorship, so we can say that the whole country was being Controlled by Franco. The 60s decade brought a period of economic, cultural, Educational development and openness of thinking. However, the political System, the repression of the dictatorship did not change.

Speaking about the economic situation, it started growing as a Consequence of the relationships with other countries. Thanks to the economic Growth Spain approached to the European state’s level. Some of the reasons for The Spanish economic development were the state’s investment in public works, Investment of foreign capitals, money sent back by emigrants…

On the other hand, opposition emerged. When Spain presented its Application to become a member of the European community, opposition against Franco started. In 1962 hundred opponents met at Munich where they produced and Signed a declaration in which they denounced the lack of democracy of the Spanish state. In 1959, ETA was created, and later they started a policy of Armed actions.

Analyzing the text, we can see that in order to become a member of the European Economic Community, the state should be a democratic state. In the Case of Spain, this meant, first, creating real demo critic organizations, Secondly, to guarantee all the citizens’ rights, thirdly, to guarantee the Basic rights of the workers, and finally, to have opinion rights.

In conclusion, we can say that clandestine Groups were created. During the last years of Francoism, there were more Problems than ever. Those around Franco wanted to assure the survival of the Regime after the dictator’s death however, the democratic opposition was Stronger and they worked hard against the regime. In this case, when Spain Applied for membership of the EEC, they were rejected on the basis settled in This text.

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