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Antonio Gaudi was born on 25th of June, 1852 in Barcelona, Spain. He was one of the most well-know spanish architechts who cohieved all of his suaces due to his great sense of geometry and volume./Gaudi's early life was a very important period as during this time at his home town he could study the nature wich has been acudid in all his buildings. Gaudi suffered from rheumatism since he was a child and maybe his dissease had on influence on his shy and introverted personalit./In 1876, he did his first important commitment, "La Casa Vicens" followed by "El Capricho de Comillas"or several commitments for his friend Gusely Guël such as the Park Güell. But it wasn't until 1883 when he started working on the "Sagrada Familia", his most famous work./During his last years , he was completely focused on the "Sagrada Familia" but unfortunetly, he couldn't finish it because he died in 1926 on a treinway accident. In fact, his inpresive is on inspiration for everybody and every year millions of people visit his masterplace.

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