Spanish provinces

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He was promoted due to the influence of the queen Maria Luisa of Parma. He was the real ruler of Spain from 1792-1808. War against France (1793): defeat and occupation of Catalonia  and Navarre Peace of Basel (1795):Navarre and Catalonia are returned in exchange of the island of Santo Domingo. Godoy got the rank of Principe de la paz. Alliance with revolutionary france: Phase of understanding and friendship. Teatry of Ildelfonso(1796): renewal of the Family Compacts.It Involved the confrontation with England and Portugal (France’s enemies). Result: the defeat in Trafalgar (1805): sinking and collapse of the Spanish fleet. Las juntas: anti french regions. Juntas locales: bodies of power integrated by the old dominant classes. Juntas supremas provinciales: juntas locales formed it. Junta suprema central: j.L+ jsp (1808). Goverment moved to cadiz where a consejo de regencia which represented ferdninad V11 was created

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