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Dear Sir Lucas,

Our company is looking for supplies of offices supplies. We would be grateful if you could send us a quote for theitems below.

  • 3 black and white photocopier
  • 1 colour photocopier
  • 10 boxes of paper for printer

Our payment terms are 60 days after delivery date.

In addition, I would like to receive a catalogue. Please let me know what action you propone to take about our payment terms.

Our company would be pleased to work with you.

Your faithfully,

Jose Luis Serrano

Managing director

Dear Mr. Serrano,

Thank you for your letter regarding you quote, our gross prices are the following:

  • 3 black and white photocopier: 0,30€/ unit
  • 1 colour photocopier: 0,10€/unit
  • 10 boxes of paper for printer: 7,72€/unit

The price transport is 156€ (the price includes all delivery cost, except for insurance).

We allow a 5% cost discount for payment writing a month

Payment should be made by sight draft, payable at bank, cash against documents.

We are sure that the consignment will reach you within the time you specified.


Antonio Lucas

Managing Director.

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