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ZEUS/Jupiter: Supreme ruler of the gods; lord of the sky; rain god. Thunderbolts or lightening, eagle and scepter (rod). HERA/Juno: Queen of the gods; protector of marriage. Peacock. POSEIDON/Neptune: God of the sea and earthquakes. Trident (three pronged spear). HADES/Pluto: God of the underworld and of death. Cornucopia and scepter. ATHENA/Minerva: goddess of wisdom and war. Shield, helmet, spear. APOLLO: god of sun or light and arts. Gold bows and arrows. ARTEMIS/Diana: goddess of hunting, chastity, the moon. 3 hunting hounds, bow, fawn. APHRODITE/Venus: goddess of love and beauty. Girdle, mirror. HERMES/Mercury: messenger of gods, god of science and inventions. Helmet and winged feet. ARES/Mars: god of war. Spear and helmet. HEPHAESTUS/Vulcan: god of fire. Ax, tongs. HESTIA/Vesta: Godddess of hearth and home. Hearth and its fire. DEMETER/Ceres: goddess of earth and crops. Torch, crown, scepter, stalcks of grain. DIONYSUS/Bacchus: god of wine and vegetation. Grapes, wine cups, a pinecone-headed staff called thyrsus.

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