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Work is a verb and an uncountable noun and refers to activities/effort.

  • I can’t go out tonight because I’m working tomorrow.
  • I love my job but I have a lot work t o do every day.
  • I really admire your work. You’re such a talented artist.
  • Since the crisis hit Spain it’s been hard to find work.

In another sense work can mean the place/company where your job is located.

  • Where’s John? He’s at work. He’ll be home later.
  • Is that the time? Oh no! I ‘m going to be late for work.
  • I finish work at 5 p.M on Mondays and 6 p.M every other day.
  • David, I’m at work so I can’t talk to you now. I’ll call you on my break, OK?

TIP #19



Can or am/is/are able to:

 To express ability

 *With verbs of senses (smell, taste, see, hear, touch)

Can’t or am not/isn’t/aren’t able to:

 For things that are not possible

Note: We usually use can and can’t when speaking because they are shorter.



 General ability

 *With verbs of senses (smell, taste, see, hear, touch)

Was/were able to:

 When speaking about something someone succeeded in doing on one

particular occasion.

o Managed to + INF

o Succeeded in + V-ing

Couldn’t or wasn’t/weren’t able to:

 When speaking in general and also when speaking about one

particular occasion.

When speaking about different tenses like perfect or future tenses; you can

only use “be able to”.

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