Simple past grammar

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video games console                      laptop

smartphone                                     digital camera
tablet                                              radio-controlled helicopter
flat screen TV
- charge=cargar                            upgrade= mejorar
connect=conectar                         operate=funcionar
scan=escanear                                   record=grabar
update=actualizar                                  download=descargar
happy=feliz                                    shocked=commocioado
delighted=encantado                     angry=enojado
sad=triste                                     doubtful=dudoso
confused=confuso                     bored=aburrido
greedy=codicioso                      tearful=lloroso
log=iniciar sesión
2n conditional: of past simple+could/would+verb base form=if i were you, i would use the mobile only in your free time
PRESENT SIMPLE: timetables and schedules= the train leaves at 5pm
PRESENT CONTINUOUS: arranged situations in the near future = i'm travelling to London this evening
FUTURE SIMPLE: will/won't
affirmative= s aux verb base form= i will buy a new house
negative= s aux neg vbfo= they won't travel abroad
interrogative: aux s vbf?= will you come soon? Yes i will, no i won't
         uses: - on-the-spot decisions= my phone is running out if battery, i'll charge it
                - predictions based on what we think, believe, expect...The expresions be sure, be afraid... And the adverbs probabily, certainly, perhaps...
                 -promises, threats, warnings, requests, hopes and afters
                - actions and events which will definitely happen in the future and which we can't cotrol= it will be dark soon

(+) s to be present+ going to+ vbf+object= i am going to visit my parents
(-) s to be present+ not going to+vbf+o=she is not going to eat the sandwich
(?) to be present+ s going to+vbf+o=are you going to study german? Yes, i aam/ no i'm not
USES:            -plans and ambitions=she's going to visit spain this summer
                    -actions that we have already decided to do (intentions)= we're going to visit spain tjis summer
                    -predictions based on what we can see or know (there is evidence that something will happen) = look at your puppy , he's going to biote ypur shoe

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