Simple past grammar

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–-Present= -present simple+adverbio de frecuencia(She often goes to work by bicycle) -will+adverbio de frecuencia(He will sometime go to the gym)

–Past= -past simple+adverbios de frecuencia(I always had milk before bed when i was young) -would(‘d)(every sumer we would go to the same hotel)(con estate verbs no se usa-solo acciones) -used to(negative didn’t use to)(I used to have piano lessons(ya no las tengo)) Would no se utiliza con stative verbs para stative verbs used to

–-Criticizing habitual actions= -situaciones habituales que nos molestan -present/past continuous+adverb(always-constantly..)(She always complaining about her job) -para enfatizar usamos will/would(she will stay up late watching tv)

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