Simple past grammar

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With The present simple we say: I Play tennis

With The present continuous we say: I Am playing tennis.

Past SimpleI Played the piano yesterday.

Past Continuous  I Was driving….

Present Perfect continuous: I Have been working all day.

Present Perfect simple: I Have written a novel.

Los Verbos modales son:Can, Could, May, Might, Will, Shall, Should, Ought to, Must, Would.

Modal Perfects: Must have,  May Have / Might have,  Can’t have,  Could have,  Should have / Ought to Have,  Would have.

The Zero Conditional: If You heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.

The First Conditional: If It rains tomorrow, we'll go to the cinema.

The Second Conditional: If I had a lot of money, I would travel around the world

The Third Conditional If I had gone to bed early, I would have caught the train.

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