Simple past grammar

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PASSIVE : be + past participle 

is/are taking  ------   is being taken 
has/have taken---- has/have been taken 
Took (past simple 2 colum) -----was/were taken 
had taken ---- has been taken 
will take ------ will be taken 
is/are going to take ----- is/ are going to be taken 
can / must / should take ---- can / must / should be taken 
vbo no pasiva no transit que no cogen un objt cokmo die sleep swim
empatiza accion no quien 

MODAL PERFECT : tienen misma forma todas personas menos has to que pasa a ser doesnt have to 
Ability : can (puedo) could (podria)
possibility : could ,may ,might y negativa solo may y might pq could not afirma (no pudo) y ¿? Solo may could ,can y might no 
Recommendations : shoult o ought to (deberias) 
Obligado : must o musnt (debes) cant o have to 

I +modal verb´+infinitive 

MODAL PERFECT : modal verb + i you... +have +past participle en ¿? 
i you..+modal verb +have +past part.
cant have + past partic imposibilidad en pasado ,might have may have o could have +pp para posibilidad en pasado 
could have + pp para sugerir alternativa de accion pasado ,a veces cuando lo piensas ahora ya es tarde (la poli podria haber actuado mas rapido)
should have cdo queremos algo que nos gustaria q hubiera ocurrido en pasado pero no ocurrio (deberiamos haber ido en bici cuando hacia sol) 

I cook dinner (present) --- she said that she cooked dinner (past simple)
I am listening to music (pcont) ---- he said that he was listening to music
I have finished my work (pperf)---- he said that he had finished his woek (past perf)
i have been studying since 3 o clck (pperfcont) ---- he said that he had been studying since 3 oclock (past perf cont) 
I did exercises today (past simple) --- he said that he had gone exercises today (past perf) 
I will study the book (fut will) ---he said that he would study... (would)
I was travel tomorrol (will) ---- he said that he was going to travel tomorrow (was going to ,iba a...)

Now--- then ,at th mom ;   Today --- that day ;  Tonight---that night ;
This---- that ;  yesterday---the day before ;  last (week) --- the (week) before
Ago---- earlier ;  tomorrow ----next/the following day ; next (week)---the next/following (week) 


this---that  ;    these ---- those ;  here ---- there

Say + that + reporting , tell+indirect + that + reported 
tell +object (not) to infinitive for informar de instructions and dont use say (dont drive fast --- he told me not to drive fast 
say decir algo y tell decir algo a alguien 
they said that they had done some research 
they told me that they had done some research

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