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4.2. Economic inequalities.

·Developed countries:

High investment in Research and Development.

Advanced and modern technology.

Access to large markets with a high demand.

Very competitive.

They buy raw materials and sell manufactured products.

Positive Comercial Balance.

Green sources of energy.

Industries more respectful with the environment.

·Emerging countries:

Foreign investment.

Modern technology

Most of the profits go to foreign countries.

Cheap labour and low salaries.

Increasing market, but still not very structured and with a low demand.

Investment in infrastructures.

Technology less respectful with the environment.

Possitive Comercial Balance.

·Underdeveloped countries:

Lack of investment in Research and Development.

Lack of infrastructures, transport and capitals.

No internal market.

Traditional and outdated industries.

Not competitive.

Most of the industries are related to the extraction of minerals and raw materials.

Highly-polluting industries.

Negative Commercial Balance.

Vicious circle of poberty.

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