The Road to World War II: From Aggression to Global Conflict

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Historical Context Before World War II

Asia and the Pacific

From a Western perspective, Japan was becoming increasingly important in the early 1900s, rapidly expanding its territory. In 1910, Japan occupied Korea, followed by Manchuria in 1931, establishing a puppet state under its control. Meanwhile, China was embroiled in a civil war between nationalists and communists. Japan seized this opportunity to invade China in 1930. The Second Sino-Japanese War officially began in 1937, prompting a temporary halt to the Chinese civil war as both sides united to fight against the Japanese invasion.


: in 1930 (hitler) Germany the Nazis had an Allie whit Italy (Benito Mussolini), heated by the communists and liked by the nationalist, 1938 the proces of invasion was called Sudetenland, The allies powers were GB, F; the soviet union, and all of them were in the same pace treaty. Austria and Sudetenland was taken bay Germany. On march 1939 Czechoslovakia is taken over, the allies were very uncomfortable, 1939 they get into a pact whit the soviet union the Molotov-ribbentrop pact, this meant that they will not intervene in each others plans or pacts but the problem was that Poland, a territory that was in the middle, that caused the beginning of the 2ww, the invasion of Poland by Germany (1, September) and this is considered the beginning of the ww2.GB and FR declared war on Germany and with this started the ww2.

Agressive policy of the axis powers in 1940-41: the axis powers were Ger, IT, JAP(later),in 1940 April Germany will invade Denmark and Norway. In May Germany invade Netherlands(low countries) and Belgium. In June, Italy declares war on the allies, after the implication of Italy France falls to Germany, that is called pupped Vichy France.In July Germany begins bombing Britain: Battle of Britain. On September Japan signs the tripartite pact that means that he joins to the axis powers. Japan invades colonies of France like Indochina, Vietnam, Camboya. IN November Hungary and Romania were pressured to join to the axis. Italy wanted to conquer the British colonies of north Africa but they were stopped. In 1941 Us enter in ww2 because Japan (on December)will bombard Pearl Harbor, as US cut the petrol supply in summer to japan and Us declares war to Japan on 8 sept. 1941.And on 11 sept 1941 Japan attacks British colonies.

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