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4A- What helped European countries in their conquest of oversea territories?
- The European conquest of overseas territories was helped by scientific expeditions and geographical explorations.
- After the explorations, conquest was quick and easy, as Europeans took advantage of internal rivalries between tribes and ethnic groups

4B- What caused the Second Boer War? And the Opium Wars?
- The second Boer War, fought between Britain and the Boer settlers of the Transvaal, was caused by the discovery of the gold deposits in the Boer territories: this led to the British invasion of the Transvaal
- The Opium wars were caused by the European ambition to open up China's internal market to Western trade

4C- How were exploitation and settler colonies different?
- Exploitation colonies were used for the extraction of raw materials and they could be governed by the metropole or by local governments controlled by settlers
- Settler colonies were intended for the resettlement of colonisers, due to weather, land or low indigenous density

5A- Why was India so important to Great Britain?
- Because its large population made it a major market for British products and a supplier of raw materials

5B- What parts of the world did the French occupy?
- The French occupied large extensions of North and West Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa) and Southeast Asia (French Indochina

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