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Animal Testing is a very controversial topic in society today. While many People say we need it to make sure our products safe, the truth is That most of the ingredients used today are already shown to be Safe/not safe. Do we really need to cause these animals to suffer for The purpose of human beauty products?

Firstly, people who support animal testing say “It’s better than testing It on our own children” or “We need to make sure that the Ingredients in a product are safe before using it or letting our Children use it.” Sure, animal testing has proved successful for Certain things. But science is improving and alternatives to animal Testing are becoming more well known.

In my Opinion animal testing really doesn’t need to continue. This is Proven by the many companies that have sworn off of them from the Start. They care for animals and have refused to test their products On them.

In Conclusion, we must to put an end to this cruelty and torture because Just like humans, animals are living beings. No matter how it is Perceived, it is cruel and unusual punishment. The soul is the same In all living creatures, although the body of each is different.  

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