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GIRONDIST CONVENTION:Was the name given to the French National Assembly between 1792 and 1793.During that time, the Girondist held power.They proclaimed the Republic after was led by Robespierre. The king Louis XIV was executed in January of 1793 and the European monarchy declared war on France.

ROBESPIERRE:Was the leader of the Jacobins.In 1793 he entered the committee of public salvation, that is the government and from that moment on he became the most powerful man in France

DIRECTORY: was the government of France between 1795 and 1799.It was formed by five people for a limited period of time .One of them was Napoleon Bonaparte .It failed due to the impossibility of getting stability in France.Some electoral results were annulled.Finally Napoleón performed a coup and the moderate bourgeoisie accepted It.France convert into a military dictatorship called the consulate

Napoleon BONAPARTE:Was a French military man born in Corsica. He became a general at the age of 26.Later he was one of the five members of the directory.In 1799 he performed a coup and was appointed as first consul, and some years later, in 1802, he converted into consul for life .In 1804 he crowned himself as emperor or France.Napoleon tried to conquer Europe and there was a French advance since 1803.Some countries were converted into “satellites”. He arrives in Russia after having conquered almost all Europe but he was defeated in 1812. In 1814 he was defeated and imprissioned  in the Island of Elba. He escaped and tried to invade Europe again. In 1815 after 100 days, he was defeated in Waterloo. He was imprissioned and he died in 1821

CONSULATE:Was the French government between 1799 and in 1804.It was formed by three members .Napoleon was initially the first consul to life .There was a parliament but this regime wasn’t democratic, as it wasn’t representative and just confirmed Napoleon’s proposals. It really was a military dictatorship.

NAPOLEONIC WARS:Were a military conflict between the French empire and the European monarchies, between 1803 and 1815

CONGRESS OF VIENNA: was a meeting celebrated in Vienna between the end of 1814 and the beginning off 1815.The purpose was restoring absolutism in Europe after the Napoleonic Wars.During that time Napoleon escaped from Elba and was defeated again.The purpose of this meeting was restoring monarchs in their countries. Redrawing the map of Europe, without considering the just emerged nations.

HOLLY ALIANCE:Was an agreement established in 1815 by Austria, Prussia, and Russia.It was not a military alliance, but a declaration of principles: Christian principles

CONGRESS SYSTEM:Was a way to solve disputes In Europe after the Congress of Vienna.Every time an absolute monarchy was in danger, the rest of the European monarchies would meet and send troops to finish with the revolt.It worked until the mid-1820s, when the United Kingdom decided to abandon it.

OTTO VON Bismarck: was a Herman conservative politician. He was appointed as Prime Minister of Prussia in 1862 and later as the Chancelor pf the German empire in 1871. He led the German unification together with the Kaiser William I

GARIBALDI: was an Italian revolutionary who participated in the Independence if the Spanish American territories and some years later in the unification of Italy. He organized his own army and dominated the Kingdom of the two Sicilies but he ceded it to Victor Emmanuel II

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