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Consonnt=speech sound,the air stream from the lungs obstructed(completely or abstract)or The  mouth passage is so narrow that the Air expelled with audible function.A.The state os the glottis-refers to wheter Or not the vocal cords vibrate in the produ of the sound.Is vibra(voiced)if Not(voiceless)b the place of articu(1bilabial.Both lips          2.Labioden.Lower lip&upper Teeth.     3.Dental.tongue tip just Behind the upper front teeth.    4.Alveolar.Placing blade tongue against the alve ridge.         5.Post-alveolar$pre-palatal.Made wit Blade or tip of the tongue on t rear part of the alveo ridge.            6.Palatal.Raising the front of the Tongue towars the hard palate.       7.Velar.Back tongue towards the the soft palate.     .8.Glotal.At the glottis.The vocal chords approximate Each other to cause closure or friction.     .)manner of articulation.The way in wich the sound is articulated,the Type of obstruction.(plosive.Complety closure of the artis.Air presu builds up Behind closure&releasedabruply mouth.        .Fricativelower lip&upper teeth.        .Affricatives.Block the air str from The lungs&real it wit fricti.     .Nasal.Similar to plos completely closure of artis.        .Approximant.arti close to another but Not close enough to cause friction.         .Liquids(     )l lateral Consonant,lateral approximant.

Caracte englis Fricatives&affricatives,often arise from t confu of yod(the palatal Semivowel/j/)wit producing alveo fricatv or plosi /sj/     ./zj/    ./tj/    ./dj/    .Historically pronun of delicious,measure,picture,soldie.Incidence Being particulary high in case /tj/&/dj/,in many cases the acoaleseced  variant is the more commo pronun in RP.Coales Are more favoured by younger speak,informal styles./the phoneme has no physical Realitu speech segments always occur in context.Their pronun is always Conditioned by,their phonetic enviro,and the tempo they speak.Many of the chang That segments is the air str of speech result from the speaker nned for ease of Articulation,a need steming from the same principle of least effort.That seems To account .The most important process that affect the pronun o words is Connected speech elision./must occur second in a syllable-final2.Follow voiceless conso.3.Procede a conso other than/h/.He noted that the first part of the 2 English affri may under go elision when its proceded by/n/ with no same syl.

Regressive$articulary Assimilitation(a sound influences one that preced.The place may affect the Place of arti,manner or voicing.Chan of n to m.N to (ng) stressed syllables When follow by k or g./accent rhotic.Nom-roth/r/ pronun wheterver is an r Spelling,can occur ini.Non-ro /r/ proun before a vowel but never before a conso Or pause./r/pronounced al final whane the word that follow beging with conso./ a vowel-like sound Occurring in consonantal positions in the same syllable with a true vowel, Characterized by briefduration and rapidchange from one position of articulation to another.

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