Principles of Flight

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VERB                      NOUN                   ADJ                ADV

to introduce| introducer, introduction| introductory| introductorily

to pronounce| prounaicing, pronunciation| pronounceable, pronounced|-

characterize| character| characterized| characteristically

personalize| person| personal| personally

smuggle| smuggling, smuggler| smuggled|-

speak| speaker|spoken|-

generalize| general | generalized| generally

include| inclusion| inclusive| inclusively

practice| practice| practiced| practically

to die| death| dead| deadly

difference,differenciate| difference| different| differently

unite| union| united| unitedly

a) If you wanted to improve your look, you stroved go on a diet and sleep more hours at night.

b) The teacher might have written this text while he was at home at the weekend.

c) I wish i and my future husband wold travel around the world with our children.

d) If i had bought that jumper at my last travel, i wouldn't have got a cold during the flight back home .

e)A new car is going to be bought to me next month.

f) The photocopies are being made this afternoon

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