Principles of Flight

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Type 1: If I go to London, I will see Big Ben (posible,puede ocurrir)
Type 2: If I won 100€, I would buy a house (no ocurre)
Type 3: If I had seen you yesterday, I would have said Hello (pasado)
Present simple:
I play/He plays/He finishes
Present continuous: At the moment, just, just now, Listen!,Look!, now,right now
I am playing
Present Perfect Simple: Already,ever,just,never,not yet, so far, till now, up to know
I have played
Present Perfect Continuous: All day, for 4 years, since 1993, how long?,the whole week
I have been playing 
Past Simple: Yesterday, 2 minutes ago, in1990, the other day, last Friday
I didn´t play
Past Continuous: When, while, as long as
I was playing 
Past Perfect Simple: Already,just,never,not yet, once, until that day
I had played 
Past Perfect Continuous: For, since, the whole day, all day 
I had been playing 
Future Simple: In a year, next..., tomorrow
I will play
Future Cotinuous: In one year, next week, tomorrow, by the afternoon
I will be playing 
Future perfect:I will have played
Future Perfect Continuous: I will have been playing 

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