Principles of Flight

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Lunes(ON) Mes(IN) Meses+fecha(ON) por tarde/maña(IN)  Estaciones(IN)

2ºCONDITIONAL(If/Unless+ past Simpl, would+infitv)

 **If she wasn´t happy, She would look for another job // He would stay until the end of the meeting if he didn´t have a flight  //Contract workers have to/should  sign in // You must/should wash you hands // You should´t/mustn´t  wear jewelry // We can´t/mustn´t eat or drink.                                                                                                                                               

PASSIVE(Presnt Simpl: is/are conducted)-(Past Simpl: was conducted)-(Futur:will be conducted)    (Pesen.Cont=is/are being conducted)-(Past.Cont= was/were being conducted) PresentPerf(have conducted=has been conducted)

**The plant´s output can´t be increased// our electricity will be suplied // The delivery has been delayed//

REPORTED SPEECH(Presnt Simpl: eat=ATE)-(Past Simpl: ate=HAD EATEN )-(Futur:will eat=WOULD EAT)   (Pesen.Cont=are eating=WERE EATING)-(Past.Cont=were eating/= HAD BEEN EATING) PresentPerf(have eaten=has been conducted) PresentPerf.Cont(have been eating=had been eating) Past Perf.Simp(had eaten=HAD EATEN)

Wide range(amplia gama) Rewarding environment(gratificante)  Standard procedures(procedmts estándard)  Lazy(perezoso)  Overseas branches(sucursales extranjero) Invoices(facturas) Tiring(fatigoso)  Mass-produced items(artículs produccn en serie)

Levelled off (nivelado) Reached a peak(alcanzó pico) break even(cubrir gastos) Loss(pérdida) Write off( anotar) Crash (hundir) Equities(acciones) Commodities(productos)

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